Thailand route | Funny and inexpensive travel with friends , making you happy all the way!

Going to Thailand, to get together!

Because traveling alone is too lonely, it is difficult to enter the enthusiasm of Southeast Asia.

Here, it is best to take three or five friends to travel -

It is just the right distance, high cost-effective travel;

It is vibrant and enthusiastic enough to burst into your laughter;

It has a variety of ways to play, Buddhist temples, literary towns, royal gardens, outdoor activities, lively beaches, bicycles and motorcycles, to meet all your imagination of group travel!

// Travel Time//

November - March of the following year

Traveling to Thailand is the best time from November to March. At this time, the weather is fine, sunny and not exposed to the sun, it is suitable for a warm winter.

// Custom Recommendations //

Together with Fun 

 In the colorful Thailand, go crazy together and complete a hilarious gathering of friends!

··· Stroll around the small city of Chiang mai

When you first arrive in Chiang Mai, go to Bhubing Palace to experience the luxury life of the Thai royal family, or go straight to "Your mother calls you the road" Ningman Road sweeps the street.

Ningman Road is made up of several intersecting blocks. There are various creative shops, lodges and coffee shops scattered around the alleys. It is especially suitable for visiting with friends. Everyone talks and laughs, stops and stops, takes pictures, scouring some good things, drinking iced drinks, this is the perfect summer!

If you still have the energy, you don't have to go back to the hotel to rest after sunset, and go to the Chiang Mai Night Safari, which covers nearly 100 acres. In addition to a variety of rare animals, there are gardens, waterfalls, lakes and other natural landscapes. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you can overlook Chiang Mai City.


1. Puping Palace is a very beautiful Thai-style building. When the royal staff does not live here, the garden outside the palace is open to tourists.

2. There is a noodle shop Kao Soi Nimman on Ningman Road,Teresa Teng was frequenter!

···  Exploring Rainforest

Chiang Mai not only has the labels of ancient cities, temples, and slow-paced art, it also has a dynamic and exciting side. Located in the tropical Chiang Mai, surrounded by mountains, the high-altitude rainforest creates an excellent environment for the “June Leap”. Pretend that you are a man and you are going crazy with your friends!

Chiang Mai University is Thailand's premier institution of higher learning and was founded in 1964 by His Royal Highness King Bhumibol. It’s a great place to take friends and go to the school’s sightseeing car. Everyone looks at the scenery and recalls the youthful times of the past.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, several people wandered around the square in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, looking at traditional temples, pagoda buildings, and touching the traces of history. When you are tired, you can find a restaurant for dinner.

···  Send a postcard in Pai

Pai is a small town with fresh arts and literature, and even the post office is very cute. The pink postbox and tufted flowers are decorated with a pure white exterior wall. There is a large red map in the room, several tables and chairs for people to write, and a lot of postmarks to commemorate the stamp.

Another literary sacred place is the yellow hut built for the film "Love in Pai", now a superb cafe.

Also don't miss a inverted yellow cottage. Houses, mailboxes, chimneys, bicycles, and street signs are all inverted. Although they can't go in, they can stop taking pictures when passing by!


1. The night market in Pai County is also very special, the food is cheap and sells well, all kinds of BBQ, pizza, mango rice, fruit ice drink can open your stomach!

2. Pai's big swing is located in the Mari Pai hotel. It hangs on a towering tree, and the courageous little friends can sway.

···  Chop firewood and feed horses, travel around the world

Standing on the Yun Lai View Point, you can see the Chinese village in Pai, which is also the best place to climb to see the sunrise. Standing on the top of the hill, the breeze swept by, looking at the horizon clouds gathered and spread , looking at the flowers blooming and falling in the fields ...

Facing the morning sun of Pai , you will come to the bustling Bangkok and go to the location of the "Chinatown Detective" to go around! Bangkok's Chinatown is one of the most prosperous business districts in the city. The streetscape is nostalgic and retro, and many of the restaurants sell bird's nest shark fins. The night stalls are good and cheap.

Tips: T&K Seafood restaurant is the "first seafood" in the eyes of locals, curry fried crab is a signature dish. His family is best known for its seafood, and many stars love to visit it.

···  Stroll around Bangkok

Known as the “Thailand Art Encyclopedia”, the Grand Palace is located in the heart of Bangkok and is the best preserved, largest and most ethnic palace in Thailand. The patchwork of architectural complexes brings together the best of painting, sculpture and decorative art, and is a masterpiece of Thai architectural art for hundreds of years.

The railway market, which is super-fired online, is one of Thailand’s “eight wonders”. When there is no train, this is a small market. When the train passes by, people will quickly pack up the goods and stand on one side. The conductor will reach out and passers-by to clap their hands, it's very lively.

Another interesting market is located in Ampawa, a suburb of Bangkok, where there is less commerciality than the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.


1. The Grand Palace is the most demanding dress in all temples in Thailand. The man who wears shorts will be blocked by the staff at the door. You can buy a national-style trousers for 100 baht at the door.

2. The floating market is generally only available on Friday and Sunday afternoons. There is a temple called Wat Bang Koong in a place 100 meters offshore, so you can take a look.

···  Tranquil Hua Hin

Hua Hin was once a small fishing village, but the beauty of the place has attracted the stop of the Thai royal family. It has gradually become the resort of today and the best place for law and order in Thailand.

Hua Hin’s railway station is the oldest and most beautiful railway station in Thailand.It has a unique Thai architectural style and a small coffee shop inside, which is a great place to take pictures.

To taste authentic Thai seafood, Hua Hin Night Market has a lap! In addition, there are a lot of things you can play and buy, and enjoy yourself~

···  The past feelings must not be forgotten

The nostalgic park "Plearn Wan" was built in the summer of 2009. The owner of the park initially wanted to piece together the memories that his mother often described, and slowly built the appearance of Hua Hin town 80 years ago. Holiday fairs, Ferris wheel, stage... everywhere is the feelings of the past.

Although Hua Hin Beach is not as famous as Phuket and Pattaya, it is also just a few people, and there are no crowds and whites on the white sand beaches that stretch for more than ten kilometers. The most rare experience is that you can also whip on the beach!

···  Shopping Day

The things in Thailand are good and cheap, so you can have a good time in Bangkok before you leave. Siam Square is very suitable for young people to visit, there are many street fashion cards. The Terminal21 shopping mall has 9 floors. The theme of each floor is different cities. For example, the first floor is Paris and the second floor is Tokyo. It is very creative.

The Phra phom Si Na is the main Brahmin of India, and is called "the Buddha who responds to the request". This Phra phom in front of the Erawan Hotel in downtown Bangkok is one of the most popular Buddha statues in Thailand. If you are interested, you can also go to worship.

···  Friendship for a long time, don’t say goodbye

You have the flexibility to arrange the final time in Bangkok.You can go to the city to go shopping, or continue to pick up at the airport!

 I hope that the places you go to are hot lands, and all the people you travel with be close friends. I hope that you will travel all over the world and still have friends around you.

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