With the trend of the aristocracy, luxuriously travel to Tanzania, witness the birth of 500,000 new lives on the grassland!

What is the picture of the distant African continent ? 
Wide Continent and Adequate Sunshine 
Crowds of wild animals are running wild 
Open the unknown wild for you today 
Enjoy the highest level of novelty in animal watching 

The African continent is known as the “last habitat” of wild animals, where you can fully feel the vitality and melody that nature has endowed – the migrating animals in front of you, the ever-spreading grasslands in the distance.

In Kenya, you can see the magnificent scenery of the wildebeest crossing the river. In the "Roof of the World" in Ethiopia, you will marry the Birds Paradise. In the Etosha Park in Namibia, you can observe the elephant at a close distance... 
Today, I would like to recommend you for it, the exclusive safari  ground of European aristocracy - Tanzania.

Looking for the high point of wildlife traces  

A long time ago, Tanzania was the place where traditional European aristocrats hunt. Now we know the word "safari" (original "hunting"). Of course, due to the rise of animal protectionism, the word “Safari”, which once represented the meaning of “killing behavior of killing animals”, also adapted to the development of the times, and began to have a new meaning of wild luxury – in the way of photography, through shooting and observation. Contact with wild animals.

Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, Africa's largest wildlife sanctuary, is extremely rich in animal species , gathering the largest collection of lions and cheetahs in Africa. The Ngorongoro Crater, known as the "Eden of Africa", is home to a large collection of precious black rhinoceros. The Nat Long Lake under the mountain pass is home to a large number of flamingos, as well as wildebeests, zebras, gazelle, buffalo, Giraffes, lions, elephants, etc. One-third of Tanzania's land area is an animal tourist attraction. To a certain extent, Tanzania can be said to have blended God's most glorious reward to Africa.

In addition to this, in addition to the well-known wildebeest migration, Tanzania has the opportunity to see animal migration and animal speciesalmost all year round . Animal scenes, including Serengeti, account for almost one-third of the country's territory. Of course, there are more opportunities to observe animals at close range .

The most commendable thing is that the Tanzanian authorities have changed their development mode in order to protect the most primitive ecological environment in the region. Contrary to mass tourism in other parts of Africa, the focus is on developing high-quality travel, with less development traces, environmental protection, and strict restrictions on the number of people. This way, it can completely avoid the dilemma of other people in other countries in the peak season, and it is more suitable for private and distinguished senior players.

In Tanzania, you can experience the magnificent scenery and the inaccessible natural scenery that ordinary people can't reach through a great perspective. Even in faraway Africa, there is a dedicated butler service that will bring you a strong sense of belonging, so that you can always enjoy the noble attitude of being spoiled. This honor is unique.

Take a comfortable and luxurious business class and head to the African continent where the life of the earth is at its source. Go to the Serengeti grassland to experience the birth of a new life, safari and bird watching on the shores of Lake Manyara, and set the most vast animal migration route.

The word “wild luxury” is the most representative if a word is needed to define the travel style of Tanzania. We have specially prepared a wild luxury mobile tent camp hotel , in addition to excellent service and luxury facilities, you can also enjoy the privileges of close-up observation of animals .

Staying here, enjoy the best location, as if watching the birth of a new creature in the first row. While ensuring comfort and luxury, and being able to feel the beauty of Tanzania 100%, this is the supreme way of traveling in Africa. Bringing you the perfect combination of true wildness and luxury is also our goal .

We also have exclusive jungle guides for you , the animal experts who know the most about animal distribution, and accompany you to unlock African animal passwords. Whether you are hiking in the car or in the jungle closest to nature, the professional guide will take you through the sights of wildlife and witness their footprints and traces of life.

In addition, you can enjoy the bonfire dinner under the African stars, the early morning jungle breakfast, the precious air connection for you at any time, let you avoid the boat, with an exclusive view overlooking the African continent, all These privileges are exclusive to you.

We moved the most luxurious top-level configuration to the African savanna. Why not open a glory chapter for yourself?


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