From the 1.5h refuge paradise in Bangkok, the infinite luxury villa, infinity pool + private beach enjoy pure and slow time!

We live in the city, the desire for island vacation is not so much the island style that yearns for the blue sky and white clouds. It is better to enjoy the kind of happy time that escapes the city and enjoys slow pace.

Can't catch up with the subway, the endless plan, the schedule of the deadline, the class that can't be finished... All the time has changed, and the time that belongs to us is always "wasted" in the mobile phone. Constantly rushed out of the news.

Blue sky and white clouds, coconut tree shadows, water clear sand white... decided to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, come and say that you can take a walk, just like you can come here, "I would rather reject the glory of Hollywood film selection, but also keep her isolated." Pure and natural , this is Samui.

There are many islands in Thailand, and Koh Samui is a very modest choice compared to the highly commercial Phuket or the subtle Shamei.

The clean and pure nature of Koh Samui has made her a sea of ​​fairy islands in many people's hearts, and has been hailed by the New York Times as one of the 1,000 places that must be visited in the lifetime .

Koh Samui was basically a secluded paradise 20 years ago. The history of development is not long, so the island still has a special original flavor.

The long blue coast, the waves on the golden sands; the original dense jungle or noisy, or quiet, or romantic, or casual; the characteristic beach can almost satisfy everyone's imagination of the island holiday!

Unparalleled blue sky and sea, away from the hustle and bustle of the paradise, such a quiet island, the most suitable for friends to travel, family reunion ~

The holiday of the three-five friends, especially the girlfriends, there are always endless words, endless party, then the hotel always feels a little less, such as the feeling of home, such as absolute privacy and comfort.

So a holiday resort that most people are not familiar with begins to quietly prevail. This is the villa holiday .

What is a villa vacation? It is an exquisite way of vacation. Enjoy a private pool, living room, private beach or exclusive sea view, a feeling of being home away from home.

Dwartara is a high-end villa complex located on Pope Beach in Koh Samui. Although Pop Beach Beach is only two kilometers long, it does not affect the clearness of the sea and the whiteness of the sand. The beauty of the scenery is a feature here.

It is the oldest settlement on the island. It used to be a fishing village where you can find delicious restaurants and enjoy the sunset.

The villas of the full villa complement the expansive tropical landscape. The minimalist style living room is connected to the dining room and is beautiful. The white high-gloss dining table is complemented by a white high-back seat and a Thai-style decor that makes eating a visual experience.

The large space of the bedroom, the extra large comfortable bed with beige sofa, the bathroom with blue mosaic and the comfortable desktop spa, will impress even the discerning guests. 

|| Baan Buri Villa

This is an exquisite villa that is unparalleled in style, very comfortable and extremely luxurious. Experience a luxurious holiday, here you can have everything~

A private road, the roadside is filled with tropical crops that have been manually trimmed and maintained. Pass the signboard of Villa Dwardara and go straight to the private gate of Bamburi.

The majestic wooden doors hint at the high quality and style of the interior. Once inside the gate, you can enter the center of the villa and walk into the building, head to the infinity pool or go to some of the floors overlooking the sea.

The villa has six separate living halls on either side of the central passage that combines four bedrooms, a large open plan dining and kitchen with an extraordinary lounge.

The fully equipped kitchen allows the chef to prepare a rich Thai meal for you, or you can do it yourself and make a delicious combination of Chinese and Thai!

Dhevatara villa area is located on the edge of Pope Beach, but it is because of this, in order to stay away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and hawkers, enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful beach.

From infinity pools, private beaches, to sea activities, there is also a delicious fresh seafood feast. A luxurious beachfront villa full of Thai style, the garden is lush and the private pool is crystal clear. The villas are carefully designed to make the most of the advantageous location, allowing you to enjoy the beach life.

In Koh Samui, you can also experience these...

|| Diving

Take a tour of the world's top ten diving sites! There must be diving in the most unmissable things to go to Koh Samui. Some people say, "After the water, it was discovered that the island of Koh Samui is more beautiful than the shore."

In Samui, you must not miss Koh Tao and Nanyuan Island if you are going to dive. If you take a speedboat from Koh Samui, you can reach Koh Tao in just one and a half hours. Koh Tao is the best dive site in the Gulf of Siam. It has a rich ocean landscape, a large number of coral reefs, a huge number of marine life, and clear water.

In Koh Tao, you can also directly obtain a diving license. It is said that 60% of the world's diving licenses are issued from here every year.

|| Wild party

If you think that you can only be a bubble beach in Koh Samui, you are very wrong when diving. The Full Moon Party is definitely one of the activities that Samui must not miss.

The Full Moon Party is one of the three "wild parties" in the world. On the first day of the first month of the first month of the month, backpackers and electro-acoustic families from all over the world will come to this pilgrimage.

The tradition of the full moon party is to paint the whole body with fluorescent paints under the full moon. On the beach of a few hundred meters on Koh Phangan, there are huge sounds of House, Techno, Trance, Downbeat, Drum and Bass, and the whole coast is like a huge open-air market. On this borderless beach, you can dance and laugh and release all your passion.

Devadara Bay, Koh Samui

Four-Bedroom Villa

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Daily continental breakfast

Private Thai chef (self-catering costs)

English Villa Manager

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