Thai route | Classic but not vulgar, such a trip to Thailand, it is very happy!

Thailand is a box of colorful tropical fruit candy.

Bangkok is a jumping candy with a mix of fruit flavors.

Chiang Mai is a mangosteen fruit jelly, gentle and chic;

Pai is a mango-flavored toffee, sweet and unique, and loved;

Hua Hin, it must be coconut green, light and temperament.

This kind of Thailand is especially suitable for playing with friends.

Because it is just a short distance, the long distance is not full;

Because it is full of vitality, the enthusiasm is just enough to hold your laughter;

Because of its variety of play, Buddhist temples, literary towns, royal gardens, outdoor activities, lively beaches, bicycles, you can imagine a trip that is as exciting as adolescence, it has;


Thailand's 8-day route, suitable for friends two or three, also suitable for gangs. Good friendships, like colorful Thailand, give you sweetness, make you laugh, have fun, and forget your troubles.

// travel time// 

January-December, All Year Round

Thailand has a tropical climate.Warm and comfortable in January, high waters in April, and hot in July and August, but all kinds of delicious fruits are justified, and the delicious and delicious ice products are all available.

For Thailand, it is a good time to travel all year round.

// Custom Recommendations //

Classic + Small crowds, go to the big garden to have fun

Landing in Chiang Mai, passing through Pai, Bangkok, Hua Hin, the ancient city with temples is a frame, the petty bourgeois road is a frame, flying over the green mottled jungle is a frame, the mud pool is frolicking Like a frame, the exquisite royal temple is a frame, the night market with a smell of people is a frame, the beach is a frame...

In the eight-day itinerary, four-point tour classics, four-point left to the small crowds, the remaining two points to laugh with friends, and taste the various flavors of the box of sugar in Thailand.

··· Walking around the streets of petty bourgeoisie, Ningman Road

Eat a bowl of authentic Northern Thai curry noodles in Chiang Mai at noon.

Chiang Mai is a very special city. In fact, there are a lot of tourists, but it will make everyone feel comfortable and quiet. After staying at the hotel, you may wish to start from Ningman Road, the smallest cultural art in Chiang Mai, find a coffee shop in an independent coffee shop and browse all kinds of small shops along the road.

Waiting for the sky to get late, take a double-car ride on the Ssangyong Temple, watch the sun set, the deep blue slowly swallows the whole city, watching the Hua Deng at the beginning, the city is in a hustle and bustle, quiet and quiet.

After going down the mountain, go to the night market of the ancient city, in addition to snacks, all kinds of cute sundries have everything, carefully scouring, definitely not made in Yiwu.

Private treasures Tips:

1. To enter Ssangyong Temple, you need to be barefoot, pants or skirts should not be higher than the knees, and you should not wear shirts with bare shoulders. Girls can wear long skirts or wrap a shari.

2. Ningman Road is very close to MAYA. If you want to go shopping, you can also consider going there.

···  Visit the ancient city of Chiang Mai

The ancient city of Chiang Mai is not big, only about 1.5 kilometers square, surrounded by some sturdy walls, outside the wall is a moat.

Tha Pae Gate is the east gate of the ancient city. The restaurants, cafes, bars and other shops in the vicinity are relatively dense. It is an area where the commercial atmosphere of the ancient city of Chiang Mai is relatively strong.

But in general, it is still very quiet and pleasant. The tourists are basically just strolling around the lanes of the ancient city. In the not too hot season, some people will run along the road.

If you have a compromise, you may wish to rent a bicycle with your friends and use the wheels to measure the ancient city, which is completely unconventional but very stylish.

Private treasures Tips:

1. There are many massage shop drinks shops in the ancient city. When it is hottest at noon, it is best to eat ice.

2. Temples need to take off their shoes. Shorts and skirts need to be longer than the knees. Women's clothes must not show their shoulders.

···  Taipei idyllic small and fresh, Pai 

The Pai in the northern town of Taibei was the land of hippies that was found in the past. More than a decade ago, many foreigners went there for a holiday. In this idyllic town,  Ride around on a motorcycle with friends and punched those small fresh spots. Right~

In the evening, you can continue to visit the night market. The night market here is not the same as the bustling of Chiang Mai. It is a lot easier to stroll around. There are also some white-selling artists on the road. It is a special encounter that is difficult to meet elsewhere.

···  Heading to the colorful Bangkok

Bangkok Chinatown is located in the southwestern part of Bangkok. It is one of the most lively business districts in the city, but there is a whole “old style” in it. The style and shape of the signs are like the old Hong Kong.

Another unique neighborhood is the base camp for white backpackers, Khao San Road, where there are many white tourists, and when it is Songkran, it will be a main battlefield in Bangkok.

···  The most classic Bangkok flavor

The Grand Palace is really "yellow". Due to the brilliance of the Grand Palace, it is a must to visit the Grand Palace on a sunny day.

However, as the most preserved, largest and most ethnic palace in Thailand, it is not to be missed.

Wat Phra Kaew is located in the northeast corner of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It is the most famous Buddhist temple in Thailand and one of the three national treasures in Thailand. Photographs are not allowed in the temple.

However, the legendary jade Buddha is placed in a high place, covered with cymbals, and can not be seen clearly by the naked eye. The nearby gold and silver jewels and the exquisite decoration outside the temple are more attractive to tourists' eye.

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is very close to the Grand Palace. It can be walked or taken by a sudden car. The pagoda is small and beautiful. The huge reclining Buddha in the temple is gentle and compassionate.

After exiting the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, you can reach the ferry terminal on the Chao Phraya River through a small market, where you can take a ferry boat. Opposite the river is the Temple of the Zheng, known as the "Eiffel of Thailand".

It can be seen that when you are close, the "flowers" on the stupa in the distance are actually shattered tiles with patterns, which are very eye-catching.

If you want to continue to visit the night market in Thailand, you can visit the Amphawa Floating Market or the Railway Market (also known as “Mega”).

Private treasures Tips:

1. The Grand Palace is the most demanding dress in all temples in Thailand. The man who wears shorts will be blocked by the staff at the door. You can buy a national-style trousers for 100 baht at the door.

2. Most of the temples and Buddhist temples in the temple are complicated, and the clothes in the large color blocks are better to look at. The flowers of the flowers will be integrated into the beautiful temples in the photos.

···  Temperament Small City Hua Hin

At present, Hua Hin Railway Station still retains its unique architectural structure and design style. It is said to be the oldest and most beautiful railway station in Thailand.Whenever there is a train entering the station, some passengers on the bus get off the bus and buy some food to take the car with the stalls. Everyone walks and strolls.

In the evening, you can visit Hua Hin’s creative weekend night market. The sheds of the literary and clean sheds sell clothes, bags, shoes, sunglasses, aromatherapy, vases, earrings, etc.; live music performances and stage performances in various styles. Drive the atmosphere of the night market; of course, there are all kinds of snacks that are essential~

···  Petty Bourgeoisie Park, Royal Beach

Plearn Wan, Hua Hin’s nostalgic park, is a nostalgic theme park, similar to the Wenchuang District we usually understand. The building is modeled after the Thai classic high-rise house design, with a strong Thai style.

If you like to take photos, you can go to Santorini Park. The blue and white color matching of the park imitates Santorini, Greece. It's very small and fresh.

Compared with the popular islands and beaches in Thailand, Hua Hin’s beaches are very clean.

But the most special thing is that you can ride horses on the white sand beach that stretches more than ten kilometers!

···  Sawadika, buy and buy

At the end of the journey, return to Bangkok and start the necessary items to buy and buy.

The city's King Power Duty Free Shop is suitable for buying Thai aromatherapy brands and L'Oreal. If you want to go shopping, you can go to Siam Square, and you can also worship the four-faced Buddha that is not far from the incense.

// written at the end //

There are so many fun places in Thailand, whether it is the popular Phuket, the noisy Pattaya, or the high-faced Samui, the small and beautiful Phi Phi Island, is the reason why many people travel to Thailand again and again. .

The journey is short and the friendship is long.

I hope that the places you go to are hot lands, and all the people you travel with be close friends. I hope that you will travel all over the world and still have friends around you.


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