10 Essential Japanese Phrases for Travelers

In Japan, the most widely spoken language is Japanese. The word writing consists of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. When you're on your way to Japan, you don't know a word of Japanese. What should you do? 

Don’t worry, here are 10 Essential Japanese Phrases that will help you throughout your trip! Good luck. Ganbare!


1: How much is this? 
これはいくらですか (Kore wa ikura desuka?)

2: Can you refund the consumption tax?
消费税は返してもらえますか? (Shōhizei Wa kaeshite moraemasu ka)

3: Can I try it on?
試着いいですか (Shichaku ii desu ka?)

4: Do you accept credit cards?
クレジットカードは使えますか (Shiharai wa kaado de deki masu ka?)

5: Where do I pay?
支払いはどこですか (Shiharai wa dokodesu ka)


6: Do you have an English menu? 
英語のメニューはありますか (Eigo no menyū wa arimasu ka)

7: What would you recommend?
おすすめはなんですか (Osusume wa nandesu ka)

Water: 水 mizu
Wine: ワイン Wain
Beer: ビール Biru   
Meat: 肉 Niku
Chicken: 鶏肉 Toriniku
Pork: 豚肉 Butaniku
Beef: 牛肉 Gyuniku
Fish: 魚 Sakana
Rice: ご飯 Gohan
Bread: パン Pan
Vegetables: 野菜 Yasai
Fruit: 果物 Kudamono
Tea: お茶 Ocha
Coffee: コーヒー Kohi

Asking for Directions:

8: Can you speak English?
英語を話せますか? (Eigo o hanasemasu ka?)

9:  Where is the ... (restroom)?
トイレはどこですか?(_toire_ wa doko desu ka?)

10: I want to go to this place.
ここへ行きたいです (Kono basho ni iki tai desu.)

Station: 駅 (eki) 
Convenient store: コンビニ (konnbini) 
Bank: 銀行 (ginnkou) 
Hospital: 病院 (byouinn) 
Police station: 警察署 (keisatsusho) 
Currency exchange: 両替所 (ryougaesho) 
Hotel: ホテル (hoteru) 
Information center: 案内所 (annnaijo) 
Smoking area: 喫煙所 (kitsuennjo) 
Restroom: トイレ (toire)

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