How Much Does it Cost to Go To Japan

Before travel to outside of your own country, you will always be curious for the above question. However, everyone will have a different answer as per his or her own budget. Someone might would like to have a luxury trip to Japan, choose the deluxe 5 star hotel and enjoy the fancy Kaiseki. Someone just wants to go for the economic hostel or apartment, and try the cheap but tasty street food. 

I am here to share the different price range in accommodation, transport, food and tours with you all. Hope the information will help you to make up your decision. 

For Transportation: 

If you plan staying for more than 10 day and travel all around Japan, train will be the first option. JR Rail Pass is highly recommended. JR rail pass is a very cost effective rail pass for long distance train travel in Japan. It can be used by foreign tourists only, and offers unlimited use of JR trains for one, two or three weeks. Remark it up: ‘unlimited use’, ‘for foreign tourists only’. It also covers the well known high speed bullet train. Price is from JPY 29110 (7 days, standard seat). You might think JPY 29110 is quite expensive; but, when you compare the price with just one way bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka (JPY 14500 with standard seat), the JR pass is definitely a cheaper option. 

After we get the long distance transport sorted, we, now, need to find out the best way for the city transports. In most of cites, there is always a 1-day pass offer you unlimited use of subway, city bus, tram. Price is from JPY 800 to 2500 per person. Some pass provides free admission fee for major sites in its own city such as Osaka Amazing Pass

For accommodation: 

There are widely options for accommodation; the economic hostel or inn; the luxury hotel by international chain brand. For family, apartment or Minshuku is always the option. Do not forget the Japanese style room, which is one of Must-to- try experience. 

Following is the price range for most major accommodation options: 

3 star hotel: JPY 9000 – JPY 12000 per person per night; room only
4 star hotel: JPY 12000 – JPY 18000 per person per night; room only
5 star hotel: JPY 20000 – JPY 35000 per person per night; room only
Minshuku is from JPY 20000 per room per night; usually includes kitchen facilities
Ryokan (Japanese traditional room) from JPY 8000 to JPY 30,000 per person per night; usually combine with breakfast and dinner. 

For Food: 

I believe Japanese food is a main attraction for most of foreign travelers. Japanese cuisine has a large variety of dishes and regional specialties such as Sushi, Ramen, Soba, Tempura etc. Food is relatively inexpensive in Japan, but it can also certainly add up if you’re constantly treating yourself or you’re looking to try the best food in the city. Following is my recommended budget for each meal: 

 Breakfast – JPY 1000 - 1500
 Lunch – JPY 2000 - 3000
 Dinner – from JPY 3000 

Here are some meal images:


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