The peak of gentleman and luxury, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh... The essence of Britain is seen once!

Britain, a modern and ancient country that attracts attention, has more royal luxury than the United States, and has more gentlemen and solemnity than France.

Is there a classic panoramic trip to the “Day of the Empire”? Depart from Edinburgh to London to explore the legendary Edinburgh Castle, the 100-year-old Oxford and Cambridge, the coronation of the monarchs of the Westminster, the Great Stupid, the Capitol, and the financial power of the Empire during the heyday. The British Museum, an art palace that brings together the world's cultural heritage.

Whether you are visiting England or visiting your hometown, this classic panoramic trip can satisfy your imagination or the impression of memory in the UK. From the quiet and leisurely Edinburgh to the dynamic and stylish London; from the sparkling Lake District National Park to the most beautiful town of Cotswolds; from the heroic Oxford to the cradle of the giants of Cambridge. A panoramic view of the most beautiful and beautiful Britain.

A special meal experience, don't doubt the British food and beverage, this country is also very focused on food, the United Kingdom also has food! The island's delicacies are especially concentrated in Edinburgh and London, a city of two, a special dinner, invites you to remember these two different styles of city with taste.

|| Edinburgh Castle

Standing on the top of the extinct volcanic rock, the castle overlooks the city of Edinburgh and hosts a military band parade in August every year, revealing the majestic atmosphere of Edinburgh Castle. It became a royal fortress in the 6th century, and Edinburgh Castle has since become an important royal residence and national administrative center.

On the Carlton Hill, you can see the old and new cities of Edinburgh. On a sunny day, ascend to the top, and on a cloudy day, you can feel the simplicity and elegance of Scotland, and the kind of vitality and vastness in the bones.

|| Hadrian Great Wall

The 73-mile coastal-to-coast barrier crosses England to defend the British under Roman rule from tribal indigenous invasions from the Scottish region of the North.

|| Kaserige Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle is a product of more than 3,000 years before BC. It may have been a landmark for different tribal gatherings, or to plan crops and designs to observe the sun and the moon. In addition to the prehistoric relics, there are many peaks to watch around, which is refreshing.

|| Windermere Lake Cruise

Cruise is an indispensable part of the trip to the Lake District. There are three main terminals at Lake Windermere: the pier at Bowness Bay, the Ambosede Pier and the Lakeside Pier. Admire the natural beauty of Windermere on the rippling lake.

|| Peter Rabbit World

If you like the story of Peter Rabbit, the writer Beatrix Potter, you can't come here. Twenty-three stories about Peter Rabbit were truly brought to the three-dimensional world. Here, you can see the scenes in the story, hear the dialogue in the story, and even smell the story in the story.

|| Chatsworth House

The manor was built in 1552. During the 400 years from the 15th to the 19th century, it was carefully designed and built by many famous gardeners. The famous Darcy Manor in the famous Pride and Prejudice is here. It has also become one of the most beautiful manors in the UK, where you can experience the exquisite life of the English manor.

|| The town of Bibury

Also known as "the most beautiful village in England", Bibury is also a favorite of locals for a relaxing holiday. The Cologne River flowing through the village, as well as every house, every tree and every meadow, exudes the coziness and elegance of the English town. 

|| Oxford University

As a world-class academic research center, including more than 20 British prime ministers including Mrs. Thatcher and foreign heads such as Clinton, poets such as Shelley and writer Green have studied Oxford for more than 800 years of school history. Among them, Oxford has more than 40 Nobel Prize winners.

|| Windsor Castle

The largest of the world's existing royal castles, Windsor Castle, Edward VIII was able to marry his sweetheart, Mrs. Simpson, and fell to the Duke of Windsor. His romantic love story of "Love Beauty Doesn't Love Jiangshan" Moving.

|| London City District

There are too many places to play here. Just like walking into Westminster Abbey, where the kings of the past kings were enthroned, their beautiful Gothic architecture was the sacred place for the British royal family to hold a wedding ceremony.

Or look at Big Ben, one of the world's most famous Gothic buildings, which are also the business cards and labels of the city of London.

For lovers of the British royal family, you can also visit Buckingham Palace. If you are lucky, you can see the majestic, arrogant, and lovely Yulin Army's handover ceremony. Or go to St. Paul's Cathedral and experience the once-century wedding, where Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana held a wedding.

|| Ghost Restaurant Special Dinner

Speaking of Edinburgh's tourist destinations, any travel guide site or app will definitely mention The Witchery on The Royal Mile. The Ghost Restaurant is located at the end of the Royal Mile, and is further home to the Whiskey Experience Center and Edinburgh Castle. With its delicious food and strange atmosphere, it attracts many tourists every year and is often full.

|| Top Luxury Hotel

Stay at Rocco forte's luxury five-star hotel, whether it's Edinburgh's two nights of The Balmoral or four nights of London's Brown's Hotel.

Through the ancient history and top-notch service of the hotel, you can better taste the luxury of these two British classic cities.

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