Entering the Diana family that has been inherited for centuries, exploring the way young leaders develop

What is the family that has been passed down for centuries? What changes have they made in the contemporary era? The Princess of the world, Diana, what is the legend of their family? Novalandland  bring you a private visit to the Diana family, revealing the other side of princess's unknown.

Participate in the brilliant horse racing festival to experience the royal culture, enter the century-old enterprise and the stock exchange, learn wealth management, and the young leaders succeed in developing a record, right here~

Here you can experience:

|| Staying at the Diana family home, becoming the guest to stay

The childhood home of Princess Diana, the Orsop Manor, has been attracting followers around the world for many years. In the long history of more than 500 years, many royal aristocrats, politicians and celebrities have stayed here. You will be the first Chinese guest to stay in this residence, and enjoy a royal dinner with the help of live music.

|| Legendary family wealth inheritance, century-old financial enterprise wealth management

Privately visited the 100-year-old family office and the Rothschild family, feeling a different family heritage. The London Stock Exchange's customized course study, the British Parliament Building Leadership Training, and a high-level led interview with Bank of China in London, to gain exclusive wealth management experience.

|| British cultural depth experience, from art treasures to royal etiquette

Specially hired antique experts and art history experts to accompany the museum, immersive appreciation of art treasures. The former residence of Dai Yu personally experienced the British afternoon tea etiquette, and the horse festival feels the traditional high culture and the spirit of the royal knight.

|| Youth leaders develop and compete for top internships in London

International education experts accompanied Harrow School, and the University of Oxford led a visit to this top elite institution. Not only can you get the most effective progression strategy, but you also have the opportunity to recommend an internship at a top London company.

The London Stock Exchange is one of the world's four largest stock exchanges and the largest stock exchange in Europe. It operates the world's strongest stock market in the world, and its foreign stocks trade more than any other stock exchange, bringing together about 2,500 listed companies.

Accompanied by exchange representatives to visit the London Stock Exchange building, and through the in-depth interactive exchanges to introduce the operation mode and development background of the stock exchange, the situation of each market under management, and how the enterprise uses various financial resources and financing methods. Develop and grow. You can personally verify the trading method of the exchange by observing and analyzing real-time data and market changes.

Visit the Rothschild Family Estate and experience the cultural heritage of the prestigious Rothschild family. Led by the Manor Gallery, privately visit Lord Rothschild’s estate and gardens, talk about the heritage of the Rothschild family, and explain the family’s collection in depth, including unparalleled French court furniture, fine porcelain, carpets and tapestries, and decorations. The collections of art, British and Dutch art masters, feel the cultural heritage of the prestigious Rothschild family, and learn the mysteries of the Rothschild family.

The British Parliament building, listed as a World Heritage Site, has a history of nearly 150 years. The interior is decorated with parliamentary emblems and antique wood panelling. It is the birthplace of the British parliamentary system and the political core of the UK.

Mr. Horsley is the Chief Operating Officer of the Cambridge Training Association and a member of the Cambridge Education Advisory Council. He graduated from Trinity College of Cambridge University as a policy adviser to the British Foreign Ministry and cooperated with the UK Trade and Investment Agency UKTI, the British Council of British Education and the British Council. He has lectured at many international conferences and trained for students from Europe, Asia and Latin America. Horsley will delve deeper, from public speaking and communication skills, to persuasion, speculation, to personal image and social dialogue, combined with cases to tell you how to play the role of leader.

Accompanied by professional lectures, and a treasure trove of human civilization. The museum houses a collection of cultural relics and books from around the world. The collections are rich and varied, and are rare in museums around the world. The museum currently has nearly 8 million pieces of collections.

The Goodwood Manor covers an area of ​​12,000 acres in the rolling lowlands of Sussex, England, while the racecourse is situated in the prestigious Goodwood Estate, with spectacular views and world-class facilities making Goodwood The Horse Racing Festival has become an entertainment event for British society. Men and women will be present and will be the best dress lady on this day.

Special arrangements for the Chinese Olympic rider Hua Tian’s mother, Ms. Luo Shan, accompanied the audience and explained the origins of the horse race, the legendary stories of famous horses and riders, sharing the experience of riding horses in Hua Tian’s childhood, and the UK as the chief of the British high society social season. The rules and fun of horse racing.

The Sudeley Castle, known as the "Queen's Castle", prepares a romantic picnic basket for you to relax in the idyllic gardens and enjoy Picnic picnics (in the café restaurant that can be moved to the castle in the rainy weather). The ancient castle was once loved by the Tudor dynasty and the Stuart dynasty. It was once the residence of the last queen of Henry VIII, Catherine Parr, who lived here for a long time when she was young. The quiet environment makes the castle a retreat for the royal family. There is still a vivid portrait of Elizabeth I in the castle. The remains of the ballroom outside the castle are covered with verdant vines. It is also very charming. In the midsummer season, several gardens are fragrant and full of enthusiasm to accompany us for a picnic.

On the European Aristocratic Life Experience Day, enter the childhood home of Princess Diana to attend a ceremonial afternoon tea and learn English afternoon tea etiquette.

Since 1508, the Orsop Manor has hosted more than 500 years of historical memory of the Spencer family for 18 generations. Princess Diana loved her childhood home for the rest of her life. She spent the most happy time in her life, and eventually chose to live and sleep here. The Diana Church on the island of Lake Elsop has been attracting followers around the world for many years. In the long history of more than 500 years, many royal aristocrats, politicians and celebrities have stayed here.

British family heritage and youth leaders develop

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