Walk into the land of Tiffany's dream, and have a different exotic Spring Festival!

The Spring Festival is China's most grand festival of the year and has a history of more than 4,000 years.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to spend the Spring Festival on the way of tourism. Everyone will bring a young and old, and feel the different festive atmosphere in a foreign country.

New York Hudson River New Year Fireworks Show

Do not think that there is no Chinese taste abroad , especially in the United States and Canada where Chinese people study abroad and work very intensively. The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is really richer than expected!

Dragon dance, lion dance, folk dance, various folk activities in the city center, parade of floats... very lively ~

And New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco... These cities are also the most popular check-in cities on ins. There are many small spots and wonderful scenery, so you can shoot the red photos of the friends circle at any time.

This Spring Festival may wish to have an unforgettable New Year holiday in the United States. By the way, buy some New Year gifts for your family.

New York

◆ New York Public Library

With the economic take-off in the 19th century, the United States raised the heat of the library and built the city's spiritual hall. The New York Public Library is the leader born in this wave. Today, the New York Public Library has more than 50 million total collections.

This palace-like grand building uses a total of 530,000 square feet of marble. Entering the neoclassical arched door and passing through the beautifully decorated gallery, a classic-style mural tells the birth and history of the book. And most importantly, the reading room at the New York Public Library is free for everyone and does not require any identity documents.

◆ The ancient and legendary Beekman Hotel

There is a building in New York called 5 Beekman Street, and few buildings in this city are as tempting as it is. Built on the 5th floor of Bikman Street from 1881 to 1883, there are nine floors and the central design has a Victorian atrium patio. The building was abandoned in the 1940s for nearly a decade and was officially remodeled in 2016 as an upscale hotel: the Beekman Hotel. Looking at the beautiful and mysterious old patio here, surrounded by high-rise buildings, it is like a dialogue between ancient and modern.

◆ Tiffany Blue Box Cafe

The world has a color called Tiffany Blue, and let the color of the global Huobian name jewelry watch brand Tiffany & Co. Tiffany will be born in New York. Therefore, it is a new trend to come to New York to take a photo with Tiffany .

So since you came to New York, how can you miss the Tiffany Cafe where the online celebrity will punch in! Tiffany Blue Box Cafe, the Tiffany's first coffee shop, is located on the 4th floor of the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Tiffany, New York. This historic building is the "best place" in the movie "Tiffany's Breakfast" and one of the landmarks that countless people travel to the United States.

I believe that everyone has seen this movie scene, elegant Audrey Hepburn is standing in front of Tiffany's window while eating breakfast, while concentrating on the jewelry inside.Today, decades later, you have the opportunity to have breakfast in this building!

As soon as you step onto the 4th floor, you can see the tables, walls, and cutlery surrounded by Tiffany Blue... Don't think Tiffany's breakfast will be expensive, $29 will make you enjoy the delicious, and you can beat your friends!

If you come in the afternoon, you can enjoy Tiffany's exquisite afternoon tea, and be an American lady in the dreamland of the blue box.

In addition to the Tiffany Blue Box CafeTM on the fourth floor, Tiffany's previous boutique showrooms, which were screened in the circle of friends, accidentally created the illusion of living in the Tiffany mansion.

◆ Tiffany Fifth Avenue Flagship Store

In addition to afternoon tea, Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store is also worth visiting. Not only does it have the latest and most complete Tiffany works. The most amazing thing is that Tiffany's legendary yellow diamond , the 128.54-carat priceless treasure, is worth showing for everyone to stop.

If you want to buy a New Year's gift for your family or loved one, consider the Tiffany T-series here. It's simple and generous. Since its launch in 2014, it has been a very popular work for young people and one of Tiffany's iconic designs.

Tiffany T condenses the vitality and energy of the city with its minimalist aesthetic style. It symbolizes the spirit of courage and innovation, and can perfectly interpret this jewelry no matter what age.

San Francisco

◆ The Fairmont San Francisco

The Fairmont San Francisco is a 110-year-old hotel. At the Fairmont Hotel Corridor, it seems to be walking in a museum full of memories: in 1907, with the opening of the landmark Fairmont San Francisco, the Fairmont brand was born. From the beginning of the hotel, the castle-like appearance has become a classic. It is also a gorgeous social stage, hosted by many celebrities, and even includes the president. The most iconic balcony in the suite has become a favorite party punching point for girls.

◆  San Francisco Chinatown

San Francisco Chinatown is claimed to be the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. Every Spring Festival, merchants on both sides of the street hang red lanterns in front of their homes, looking from a distance, a Chinese red. The tradition of celebration here dates back to the 1860s, and there are basically programs every day from New Year's Eve to the third day. The end of the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade, one of the top 10 parades in the world, is Chinatown. More than 100 parade teams depart from the market street in the city centre and pass through Union Square. All the way to enjoy the traditional Chinese culture of dragon dance, lion dance, folk dance, acrobatics, firecrackers and all kinds of floats, such a festive atmosphere is really too warm.

◆  Tiffany San Francisco Store

The famous landmark Union Square is the transportation center of San Francisco. The Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde two-line cable cars pass through here, and the bus routes almost pass through here or nearby. Not far from Union Square is the Tiffany San Francisco store, which is surrounded by American West department stores, upscale boutiques, travel accessories stores, art galleries and salons. It is a world-class shopping district.

This store is not only Tiffany's flagship store on the West Coast of the United States, but also one of the six boutiques selling Tiffany and Patek Philippe. Here you will see a limited edition watch created by two extraordinary brands - there are two logos on the dial. This collectible and famous item can be seen as a great value!

If you want to buy necklaces, ornaments, and other gifts in the San Francisco store, consider this key that opens the door to your dreams.

The Tiffany Keys collection is a must-have for every girl's jewellery life, and it heralds the tens of possibilities for opening up your life.

Recently, Tiffany also launched the new Tiffany Paper FlowersTM series, which is fresh, moving, elegant and stylish. In the winter, it also brings the agility and lines of flowers.

Las Vegas

◆ Seven Magic Mountains

Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone spent five years on the border of the Nevada desert, half an hour's drive from Las Vegas, and created a very psychedelic magical mountain, the Seven Magic Mountains, which is said to be the largest artwork in 40 years. From different angles, it will look different: marshmallows, ice cream, and jelly beans, and everyone who has been to them will feel wonderful.

◆ Joshua Tree National Park

The scenes in Joshua Tree National Park are like sci-fi movies--the stones of the thousands of trees are piled up according to the thoughts of the years; the strange tree thorns stretched out from the dehydrated land; the cactus actually became a forest, Extrude a piece of land from the stone mountain. At sunset, the overwhelming blue and purple are very different, and in the daytime, they seem to walk on the outer planet. Such a place is really a big shot.

◆ Las Vegas Spring Festival Carnival

Every year, Las Vegas hosts the Spring Festival Carnival, which lasts one week from the first day of the lunar calendar to the seventh day of the lunar calendar. It is staged in The LINQ Entertainment Area, Downtown Container Park, Fashion Show Mall and Forums Shops on Las Vegas Avenue. Every day, there are various cultural performances, food stalls, fashion shows, high-end designer merchandise snapping carnivals, martial arts performances, lion dance dragons, art exhibitions... When traditional Chinese elements are combined with Las Vegas cabaret shows, the feelings and shocks hidden in the bottom of my heart will also come out.

◆  Tiffany Las Vegas Store

Dreaming is a matter for everyone in the Las Vegas church. Then, in the Spring Festival, a festival that "predicts a new beginning", please also dare to dream, and go to Tiffany to find your dream!

Tiffany's Las Vegas store has a unique piece of work – Postcard style of city hanging, interesting poker style, and even boys will fall in love. Let's take this lucky jewelry home in this lucky city of dreams~


Los Angeles

◆ Los Angeles Red Wall

When it comes to Los Angeles, we often think of Hollywood, luxury goods, palm trees, salty sea breeze and sunshine, and the most grounded street culture. Because of the various red walls of street networks, Los Angeles has become the city with the most INS card counts.Wing wall, pink wall, love wall... In short, this city is full of dreams, and the girls who punch in front of various walls every day are in constant stream.

◆ Sky Slide

In the past two years, China's glass plank road has been extremely hot, attracting many tourists. In the face of China's glass plank road, the old beauty is obviously not convinced! As a result, M. Ludvik Engineering, which has extensive experience in glass products, built the Skyslide Skyslide in the US Federal Bank Building.

Everyone has been on a slide, but can you imagine riding a full transparent glass slide at an altitude of 300 meters? The whole journey is really beautiful, the entire Los Angeles landscape is flying under your feet, too exciting!

◆ Los Angeles Spring Festival

Write calligraphy, watch lion dances, enjoy songs and dances, watch art exhibitions... During the Spring Festival, Los Angeles is also enveloped in the joyful and peaceful Chinese atmosphere. The annual Spring Festival celebrations in Los Angeles are held at the local Huntington Library. Since 2005, the Spring Festival celebrations have been held for 14 consecutive years. Many local people come to experience calligraphy, watch dragon dance performances, and see photo exhibitions. Feel the rich Chinese atmosphere.

◆  Tiffany Beverly Hills Store

Located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is a dreamland of the world-famous global tycoon, known as the representative and symbol of wealth and fame. As the most famous city in the city of Los Angeles, there are not only the world's most exclusive commercial streets, but also the many luxury houses of Hollywood movie stars. Of course, there is also a famous Tiffany flagship store, which is said to be one of the most expensive places in the city.

The four-story Tiffany flagship store has a balcony for a coffee break, a bar with a casual drink, a private lounge, and a private corridor for VIP customers. This kind of star-like treatment is not something that every store can experience.

Los Angeles's diversity and agility fits best with the  Tiffany HardWear collection, emphasizing personal style, eclectic, and a sense of strength that is common in jewelry. And this sense of power is more likely to capture its extraordinary temperament after trying on the upper body.

If you want to buy a gift, in addition to these HardWear , there are Beverly Hills limitedcharms to choose from. For girls, such a city-limited payment is truly a unique mind.

Flourishing and free modern New York, warm and sunny California coast Los Angeles, San Francisco with parallel history and innovation, the luxury and dissipation Las Vegas... If you haven't planned the Spring Festival, you might as well follow Tiffany to punch in 4 American cities. 

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