Da Nang, the poetry and paintings of Southeast Asia are here!

First met in Vietnam, in the "lover" adapted from Duras's autobiographical novels. The French girl and the vast and bleak love story of China, in the beauty of Saigon, exudes a touch of desolateness.

With the heat of the heat, the sea breeze that dyed the sunset, the rock that is fascinating and sad, with a trace of struggling and struggling city... From then on, there was an unclear feeling about Vietnam.

Through the "Lover" framing of Saigon, Nha Trang, Vietnam, the complex atmosphere of the French colonial history and the original flavor of the hometown, always lingering.

After walking a lot, I found that Vietnam and Da Nang are such a beautiful place: the luxury resorts designed by the masters are surrounded by the ancient city of Hoi An, and the neighboring Banashan makes you pretend to be in Europe...

Da Nang is no longer like the dirty impression of ordinary people in Vietnam. Here, you can find the elegance and exquisiteness of French, and you will also get the original lifestyle of the aborigines. If you don't want to fly too far, you may wish to feel the fascination in Da Nang.

 Hoi An Ancient City

In the 5th century AD, during the period of the Cham Kingdom, Hoi An used to be a port called the "Seaport." In the 16th century, it evolved into one of Southeast Asia's most important trade exchange centers. This is an organic combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture.

In the evening, the brightly lit appearance of the ancient city of Hoi An immediately attracted the embarrassment. Slow rivers, wearing a hat, a Vietnamese girl wearing Ao Dai, a light and endless Vietnamese... Where is the long night? It’s time to let time go by in Hoi An...

At the TripAdvisor Traveller Traveler's Choice, Hoi An Ancient Town ranked 13th in "World's Best Destinations 2017" and 4th in "Asia's Best Destinations 2017".

"The jade carvings should still be there, but Zhu Yan changed." Although Hoi An Yan changed, he still found traces of the past. The well-preserved building is covered with lights in the evening, and it is dazzling.

On the 14th and 15th day of the lunar calendar, it is the nostalgic night of Hoi An . At that time, the whole city will have a unified power outage, and every household will hang up handmade lanterns, praying and cherishing the ancestors.

Exquisite paintings, quaint lanterns, traditional craftsmanship... nostalgic nights are not just as simple as scenery. For the traditional persistence and respect for the ancestors, they went to a devout date in the nostalgic night.

Pana Mountain Pretending to be in Europe

During the French colonial period, the French kings and nobles could not bear the summer heat. They built a summer resort on the plateau at an altitude of over 1,400 meters and named it "Bana Mountain". Now it has become a landmark attraction in Da Nang.

Bana Mountain has the longest cross-mountain funicular in the world ! The cross-mountain cable car that connects the foot of the mountain to the mountainside and the mountaintop, built by the French, is more than 5 kilometers long. It is the Guinness World Record Holder of the longest single-line cable car with the largest drop. It takes 28 minutes to experience the whole journey!

Take the cable car up the mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery of Bana Mountain: the undulating mountain city, the lush forest, the beautiful waterfall, and the temperature of the four seasons.

If you don't want to travel long distances, Banashan can make you pretend to be in Europe! The buildings built by the French, the bricks and tiles are all authentic European atmosphere. Strolling the streets, all the shots are big movies~

Pink Girl Heart · Da Nang Cathedral

In addition to Saigon, Da Nang also has a pink cathedral with the girl's heart bursting. With a matte appearance, it has a domineering nickname - the Rooster Church. The Danang Cathedral was built by the French in 1923 and reveals holiness and tranquility.

The Da Nang Cathedral has a candy-like light pink façade with seven towering spires standing on a majestic white cross. Under the blue sky, the pink minaret church is lined up more and more brightly, taking photos as a background and shooting the ins net red in minutes.

Meishan Ruins - "Angkor Wat in Vietnam"

Meishan is not a mountain. It is a tower temple area. It is a holy place for the compatriots to worship the king and the gods. It is older than Angkor and is known as the “Angkor of Vietnam”.

The Champo dynasty was once called "the three ancient kingdoms of Southeast Asia" with the Kingdom of Real and the Kingdom of Java in Java. However, like many prominent dynasties in the world, after the bustling, the Champo dynasty left only some exquisite but ruined remains.

Strolling through it, as if you can still see the prosperity of the former Champo dynasty, but the long years are deeply imprinted in the ruins of the broken wall, a subtle mystery will surround you.

How to make a holiday in Vietnam with an elegant attitude?

When you are on vacation in Vietnam, you have to sacrifice comfort? I am afraid you have to let go of the misunderstanding of Vietnam in the past. Come to the Camellia Peninsula and experience masterpieces at the luxurious InterContinental Resort. Half of the time experience is more and more fascinating, and then stay half the time to enjoy life in the intercontinental...


Located between the mountains of the famous Camellia Peninsula in Da Nang, InterContinental Resort is designed by hotel design guru Bill Bensley. Bill was not disappointing. After six years, Intercontinental finally showed itself to the world in a natural and artistic blend.

Located at the far end of the Camellia Peninsula, the hotel is situated on a hillside covered with virgin forest. The lobby is on the top of the hill, at the height of the entire hotel, overlooking the endless magnificent sea views.

The main part of the hotel is divided into 4 floors, named after Heaven Heaven, Sky Sky, Ground Earth and Sea Sea. Each area is connected by a boat-shaped cable car. The road from the foot to the hotel is also known as Da Nang. The most beautiful road.

The theme of the hotel is monkey-shaped, with red, black and white tones in Vietnam, reflecting the integration of the local environment and culture.

The most special among the continents is the cable car with the shape of a Vietnamese boat. It connects to the lobby, restaurant, bar, the 700-meter-long private beach and the equally distinctive Long bar at the highest point of the hotel, which slides down from top to bottom and offers a magnificent view of the sea.

“You can go deep into the soul's taste buds and dining experience”, which is the diners ' evaluation of La Maison 1888 restaurant ; the restaurant is on the Earth floor and mainly serves French cuisine. It is the first restaurant in Vietnam with a Michelin-starred chef and an intercontinental symbol.

The restaurant is beautiful at night, but it is very secretive and low-key. If you don't do your homework, it is very easy to miss.

Citron is another famous restaurant in Intercontinental. Citron Chinese means toon, which looks like a lemon. The restaurant has the best unrivaled view of the entire resort.

The most desirable seat in Citron is the water-seat private seat floating on the mountainside. It is 100m from the sea level. The five inverted Vietnamese tabletops are suspended in the air, which is definitely a new dining experience.

The Summit of the Intercontinental Conference Center consists of 3 floors, with a bar and private cinema on the ground floor and a large book bar and private room on the second floor. The theater will play two or three movies a day for free. 

The KTV-M Roughe downstairs in Citron is the secret treasure of the hotel, and the weekly Management Cocktail is held here.

The beaches of Da Nang are 30 kilometers long, including one of the top 50 destinations from Da Nang to Hue that have been visited by National Geographic.

In addition to the beach, there are three world cultural heritages around Da Nang, namely Hue, Meishan and Hoi An Ancient City , of which Hue is the longest distance of 120 kilometers and Hoi An is only 30 kilometers .

Even if you don't have an intercontinental experience, you can still experience an authentic Vietnamese experience in the hotel. Make colorful Vietnamese lanterns with your children, or shake the boat to the sea to feel the poetic poetry.

In the intercontinental, you can waste your time between the elegant atmosphere and the natural beauty. Relaxing physically and mentally between the Camellia peninsula, the meaning of vacation is to wash the tired body and mind and renew your life.

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