Pearl Island Resort in Phu Quoc Island, to satisfy all your imagination of the island

Traveling in Vietnam, many people only know about Nha Trang. Nha Trang is beautiful, but there is also an island that is amazing for countless people, lying quietly near the coastline.

This is the island of Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc Island belongs to Vietnam's Kien Giang, an island of similar size to Singapore.

Why is this island so amazing? That's because it hasn't been overexploited. What you see is the purest side of Vietnam.

On Phu Quoc Island, we can watch the sunrise in the eastern fishing village and watch the sunset on the west coast; diving enthusiasts can dance with the fish and be listed as the most unspoiled beach by international magazines.

This is still a green island with a forest coverage rate of 90%. This is the real natural oxygen bar.

People can travel between the virgin forest and the tides, letting all the bad emotions drift away with the wind.

The preferred place to come to Phu Quoc Island is a resort called Pearl.

Phu Quoc Island Pearl Resort is an international five-star quality hotel that hides in the depths of the rainforest and is surrounded by white sandy beaches and blue seas.

It has a completely private beach and the largest water world in Asia.

Pearl Paradise, Sea World, outdoor swimming pool, kids club, 27-hole golf course... a lot of entertainment facilities. Even if the house is in a resort, it will not be boring.

There is also a free tour bus to go anywhere in the resort.

The interior facilities are also very good, comfortable and soft beds, bathrobes, slippers...

All are equipped with all kinds of modern facilities and premium brand toiletries, and enjoy the international five-star quality service. At the same time, it has a balcony with sea views, a private bathroom, and an infinity pool and sea view.

The spa is not a Thai patent, so you can also enjoy a soothing massage or sing karaoke at the hotel.

Phu Quoc Island Pearl Resort is a paradise for children to enjoy, with a large amusement park and a Disneyland. A room card can enter and exit at will, without queuing, no need to pay.

It’s as simple as trying to contract a whole amusement park.

In the indoor play area there is a 5D cinema, crazy play in a large video game city. Water World Park is one of the largest water worlds in Asia, and the evening musical fountain show always makes children scream.

The underwater world here has a variety of tropical fish, sharks, and slowly swimming turtles and colorful corals...

Isn’t it enough to look at sea animals? Vietnam’s largest safari park is located here. The park covers an area of ​​380 acres, with 150 species of wild animals, 3,000 individual animals and 1,200 plants.

The zoo is divided into two areas, one is the safari area, and the other is an open area, which is suitable for bringing children to close contact with nature and interacting with animals.

I am waiting for you in the elegant and natural island of Phu Quoc.

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