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    We have returned home and we are going through our many pictures (around 700). We had a wonderful visit to your beautiful country and I must say that working with you and the tour guides made it even more special. When we return to that side of the world, we will be contacting you again. We still need to come to Guilin and see the beautiful sights that you see every day.

    Angela was great. She is a pleasant and pretty young lady and she knows so much about the sights in Chengdu. My son really liked talking to her.

    Peter was very good but his English can use some improvement. He was extremely patient with us and accommodated our needs wonderfully.

    May was also very good and professional. It is obvious she knows her subject and she is a great sales person.

    I look forward to using your services again. Thank you for everything and thank you for the gift. It is hanging on the wall in my home. I think of you every time I see it.


    Andersen "
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    Tour Route: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Yangshuo-Shanghai
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    Custom Days:10,11,12,13 Days

    Date Destination Attractions (Click the name to view. You can customize the attractions based on each.)
    Day 1 Beijing Arrival Relax and Recover at the rest of day (after arriving hotel with the help of guide)
    Day 2 Beijing Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven
    Day 3 Beijing Badaling Great Wall, Thirteen Ming Tombs, Sacred Road, Cloisonne Factory (Learn Tranditional Chinese Art, Know How It Is Made.), Bird's Nest, Water Cube Stadiums
    Day 4 Beijing Summer Palace, Hutong Day Tour, Kungfu or Peking Opera Night Show
    Day 5 Beijing-Xi'an Flight to Xi’an, Hanyangling (Tomb of Emperor Jingdi, Quite Different Experience from Terra-Cotta Warriors) or Shaanxi History Museum
    Day 6 Xi'an Terra-Cotta Warriors and Soldiers Museum, Xian Art Ceramics Factory, Xi'an Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta), Xi'an Fountain Show (in Dayanta Northern Square) at Night
    Day 7 Xi’an-Guilin Flight to Guilin, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill
    Day 8 Guilin-Yangshuo Li River Cruise to Yangshuo, Free Relax (West Street or others), Car Back to Guilin;
    Day 9 Guilin-Shanghai Flight to Shanghai, Yu Gardern, the Bund, Acrobatic Night Show
    Day 10 Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Jiangnan Silk Workshop (Could see lovely silkworm babies, Learn How the silk is made.), Tianzifang, Shikumen Houses, Xintiandi, Nanjing Road
    Day 11 Shanghai Depart Transferred to the airport for your flight.

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    Full Itinerary:

    Day 1 : Beijing Arrival

    Free and Relax

    Day 2 : Beijing

    [Tiananmen Square]
    Tiananmen: now a state symbol of the People's Republic of China. Tiananmen Square (Gate of Heavenly Peace): the spiritual heart of China, where the national flag is raised exactly at sunrise everyday. Tiananmen Rostrum: first built in 1417, served as the main entrance to the Imperial City. On October 1, 1949, chairmen Mao Zedong proclaimed on Tiananmen Rostrum the founding of the peoples Republic of China.

    [Forbidden City]
    located in the middle of Beijing, is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world. For almost 600 years of Ming and Qing dynasties, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government.

    [Temple of Heaven]
    is a grand and magnificent masterpiece of architecture with a formal and solemn environment. It is the largest architectural group for worshipping Heaven in the world. In 1961, it was listed by the State Council as "one of the key monuments under the state protection". In 1998, it was recognized by the UNESCO as "one of the human heritages of the world".

    Day 3 : Beijing

    [Badaling Great Wall]
    is a symbol of Chinese civilization, and one of the wonders that the Chinese people have created. Badaling Great Wall, the most representative part, was promoted as a key national cultural relic, protected under the approval of the State Council in 1961. In 1988, it was enlisted in the World Cultural Heritage Directory by UNESCO. On July 7, 2007, it gained the worldwide reputation once again: it was listed among the New Seven Wonders of the World.

    [Thirteen Ming Tombs]
    Changling in Thirteen Ming Tombs: The location was chosen on the feng shui principles by the third Ming Dynasty emperors. Ming Tombs cover 40 square kilometers. Each tomb was built alongside a mountain, and a river runs through the whole area. They are the best preserved part of all Chinese imperial tombs.

    The Sacred Road : the path lined with stone statues of animals, mystical beasts and officials who serve the emperor in his afterlife, through which the sitting emperors would go to perform memorial rituals for the ancestors once a year.

    [Cloisonne Factory (Learn Tranditional Chinese Art, Know How It Is Made.)]
    Cloisonné, or enamel art, is internationally considered a traditional Chinese art form. Cloisonné is French for "cell", and refers to the technique of applying thin wires to form raised barriers on different areas of enamel on top of the original metal form. An ancient metalworking technique, it is a multi-step process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items. Objects produced by this process are also called cloisonné. In the Cloisonné Factory, it can take up to six months or even a year to create one piece, though the average is about three months. The art form is used to create a wide variety of works, from chopsticks to vases. You will thoroughly surprised observing the process at this factory.

    [Bird's Nest]
    The design of this large stadium was accomplished together by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron and Chinese architect Li Xinggang and the others. The designers didn't do any redundant disposals to the look of the stadium. They just exposed the steel structures entirely and let them become the most natural appearance. The form of the stadium looks like a big nest which embraces and nurses human beings. Also it looks rather like a cradle bearing human beings’ hope of the future.

    [Water Cube Stadiums]
    Located on the west side of Landscape Avenue in the Olympic Green and to the west of Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest), the National Aquatics Center contains the official 2008 Olympics swimming facility. The construction started on December 24th, 2003 and was finished on January 1st, 2008. It measures 177 meters (194 yards) long, 177meters wide, and 30 meters (98 feet) high and covers an area of 62,950 sq meters (75,287 sq yard). It has four floors: one at street level, two above, and one below. Its floor space reaches 79,532 sq meters (95,119 sq yard), while the below street level area is no less than 15,000 sq meters (17,939 sq yard). The one below served as the service area during the Olympics. The first floor is for tourists. The auditorium is on the second floor with 6,000 fixed seats (2,000 of which are movable), and 11,000 temporary seats. The third floor is strictly for business.

    Day 4 : Beijing

    [Summer Palace]
    is the best preserved imperial garden in the world, and the largest imperial garden in existence in China. It is used to be called the Garden of Clear Ripples. The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value.

    [Hutong Tour]
    Hutong is a maze of historic alleyways with old single storey traditional courtyard houses, which are now fast disappearing. In this one hour tour, you can hop on a rickshaw to ride through the narrow alleys as well as visit a local family then walk on the Silver Ingot Bridge (Yinding Bridge) and find out about the different thresholds of the courtyards.

    [Kungfu Night Show or Peking Opera Night Show]
    Peking Opera show: China boasts more than 360 regional styles of opera. These ancient forms of drama are still active on China's stages today. A regional opera is usually popular in several provinces, while one province enjoys several local operas. Known as the national opera of China, Peking (Beijing) Opera is the most influential and representative of all the operas in China, and one of the three main theatrical systems in the world. Peking (Beijing) Opera is a blend of music, dance, art, acrobatics, and martial arts. With its beautiful paintings, exquisite costumes, and graceful gestures, Peking (Beijing) opera has developed into a comprehensive art system.

    Kungfu show: is suitable for those who are interested to explore the impressive Chinese Kung Fu or Chinese martial art performances in Beijing. Beijing Kung Fu Show will keep you amazed throughout the performing time. Basically, the fantastic “Legend of Kung Fu” Show is a must see performance in Beijing especially for Chinese Kung Fu lovers. The performance is presented by one of the leading performance art production comp

    Day 5 : Beijing-Xi'an

    Morning: Flight to Xi’an

    [Hanyangling (Tomb of Emperor Jingdi)]
    The Yangling Mausoleum of the Han Dynasty (Hanyangling) is located at Zhangjiawan Village, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Xian City, Shaanxi Province. It is a joint tomb of Liu Qi, a notable emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24AD), and his empress, Empress Wang. It was built in the year 153 AD and covers an area of 20 square kilometers (4,942 acres). It is a magnificent and abundant cultural relic, comprising the emperor's tomb, empress' tomb, the south and north burial pits, ceremonial site, human sacrifice graveyard and criminals' cemetery. The mausoleum is neatly arranged, centered with the emperor's tomb, revealing the strict hierarchical social structure. The Outside Pits Exhibition Hall was opened in 2006 and is the first underground museum in China.

    "Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a highlight of Xi'an"
    Reviewed May 16, 2012
    "I can only echo what most others say about this site. When we visited it was pleasantly quiet, with none of the hard sell and razzamatazz of the Terracotta Warriors site, and the exhibits are truly memorable. - above all the numerous animals in the tomb proved fascinating. Altogether a most rewarding place to visit."
    Mr. Merz

    [Shaanxi History Museum]
    one of the best history museums in China with more than 370,000 exhibits of different times and kinds, is the best place in Xian for ancient artifacts, including Tang Sancai. Shaanxi History Museum covers an area of 6, 5000 square meters. In the museum, there are more than 370,000 cultural relics, such as the fancy bronzes in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the golden and silver items in Han and Tang Dynasties, and murals in tombs, etc. Shaanxi History Museum is known as "the marvelous hall of Chinese civilization”.

    "Great Museum"
    Reviewed May 3, 2012
    "What an absolute surprise. We went to Xi'an like most people for the Terracotta Warriors. The museum was a great additional treat. Very well presented exhibitions. I recommend you get a guide who knows the history."
    Mr. Deniese

    Day 6 : Xi'an

    [Terra-Cotta Warriors and Soldiers Museum]
    discovered in 1974 by local farmers digging a well, the warriors were one of the most significant archeological finds of the 20th century. The over 6,000 life-size painted terracotta warriors and horses individually sculpted from real-life models and arranged in battle formation have been protecting the mausoleum of the first emperor in Chinese history, Emperor Qin Shihuang, for over 2,200 years.

    "A must"
    Reviewed June 12, 2012
    "Make sure you have a good guide who speaks good english. We did and it made such a difference. There are several buildings to see but the main building will take over an hour. The exhibits in a huge dome are outstanding. Enjoy"
    Mr. Shiraz

    "Nothing prepares you to the sight"
    Reviewed June 12, 2012
    "No matter how many times you hear how impressive is the site, you will feel really amazed when you get there."
    Mr. Pedro

    [Xian Art Ceramics Factory]
    It is a good place to learn and have fun. You can actually join the work flow to make one by your own by following the original technique and process. History of Xian Terracotta & Pottery: Ancient Xian people were the masters of clay. Since the very beginning of Chinese civilization, people living in Banpo (6 km away from nowadays Xian city) in over 6000 years ago had mastered the techniques of making sophisticated terracotta and pottery crafts. Before Chinese porcelain were traded alone the Silk Road, a type of glazed pottery called Tang Sancai was once the most popular export product of China. Not to mention the Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor.

    [Xi'an Ancient City Wall] (Cycling or Walk on the Wall)
    The walls, ramparts, gates and watchtowers form one of the oldest and most complete city defenses still around. Built in the 13th century on the foundations of the original Tang Forbidden City surrounding the city centre, it is a major landmark, and the best preserved, as well as the oldest and largest of the city defense systems in China.

    "Fun to Stroll or rent a bike and ride the whole thing"
    Reviewed June 10, 2012 NEW
    "The Wall around Xian is very impressive and a great way to see much of the town from an elevated perspective. One of the best ways to see all of the wall is to rent a bike. However be warned, the wall is somewhat uneven and as our guide said: "you will have a sore bottom" by the end of your ride."
    Mr. Mark

    [Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta)]
    As the symbol of the old-line Xian, Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayan Pagoda) is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists. It is located in the southern suburb of Xian City, about 4 kilometers (2.49 miles) from the downtown of the city. Standing in the Da Ci'en Temple complex, it attracts numerous visitors for its fame in the Buddhist religion, its simple but appealing style of construction, and its new square in front of the temple. It is rated as a National Key Cultural Relic Preserve as well as an AAAA Tourist Attraction.

    "A Lovely garden show after dinner"
    Reviewed 13 May 2012
    "After dinner we went on a walk around the garden at night and were entertained with 8 separate shows at the various pavillions in the garden. The best one was a short opera overlooking the small lake and lighting for the opera was lovely over the lake. very pleasant."
    Mr. Olie.

    [Xian Fountain Show (in Dayan Pagoda Northern Square) ] in the Evening
    Dubbed the "largest musical fountain square in Asia", this beautiful symphony of water, music and light is set against a dramatic backdrop of the thousand year old Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Probably the best free attraction in Xian!

    "Beautiful Fountain Show"
    Reviewed November 13, 2011
    "I had heard about the beautiful fountain show at night and wanted to go and take some amazing photos. I had dropped by the Big Wild Goose Pagoda earlier during the day to walk around and returned at night because I wanted to see the show with all the lights. The show starts at 8:30pm and I recommend getting there about 15 min early to stake out a good spot (either in front of the square or directly in front of the pagoda)."
    Ms. Angie.

    Day 7 : Xi’an-Guilin

    Morning: Flight Transfer to Guilin

    [Reed Flute Cave]
    Located 5 kilometers northwest of Guilin city, the Reed Flute Cave gets the name from the reeds used for making flutes and pipes that grow at its entrance. The cave is regarded as the largest and most impressive cave in Guilin. It is 240 meters long, and the length of the tour is about 550 meters offering a magic land of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, birds, plants and animals in fantastic shapes and colors. The visit lasts for 40 minutes and there are a lot of steps. Watch your step as the lights are dim. You guide will show you by electric torch.

    Reviewed June 9, 2012
    "The caves were beautiful. I would suggest that you take a tour as there are stories and sights that you might miss on your own. The tortoises were wonderful. I don't remember their exact ages, but they are hundreds of years old."
    Ms. Cindy Baltimore

    [Elephant Trunk Hill]
    is located at the junction of Li River and Peach Blossom River. It is the symbol of Guilin with 55 meters high and got its name because its shape resembles an elephant with its trunk drinking from the Li River. The hill is pierced with many caves and topped with a small pagoda.

    “Main attraction in Guilin”
    Reviewed November 19, 2011
    "Nice park. Good photo op. First opportunity to enjoy the Li River."

    Mr. Jim

    Day 8 : Guilin

    [Li River Cruise]
    A cruise along the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo is an unforgettable experience. As you take in the stunning scenery there's something interesting to see at almost every bend in the river. Between spectacular limestone peaks you'll see graceful bamboo groves, farmers tending rice paddies, and lumbering water buffaloes pulling carts or cooling off in the river. You may see fishermen gliding along on their narrow bamboo rafts, and if you're very lucky you might see one of the famous fishing cormorants. Boats depart from various wharves, according to the height of the river at different times of the year.

    “Amaizing journey!”
    Reviewed June 8, 2012
    "You cannot miss Guanxi province if you are in China. Great fruits, nice wheather (early summer - May), friendly people (eventhough most of them do not speak English). The trip from Guiling to Yangshuo is magical. "
    Ms. Jorge

    [West Street]
    is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. Situated at the center of Yangshuo County, West Street has become, since the 1980's, a window of eastern and western culture and the biggest 'foreign language center' in China. West Street is the most prosperous district in Yangshuo, and, each year, approximately 100,000 foreigners come here on their travels or to attend advanced studies. Visitors are attracted to West Street by its unique mix of cultures.

    “Nice walking street”
    Reviewed April 5, 2012
    "You can't avoid this place if you tried, but it is a nice walking street full of shops, restaurants, and bars. Very busy at times, but nice atmosphere"
    Mr. rbnfrance

    Day 9 : Guilin-Shanghai

    Morning: Flight Transfer to Shanghai

    [Yu Gardern]
    Yuyuan Garden is a famous classical garden located in Anren Jie, Shanghai. The garden was finished in 1577 by a government officer of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) named Pan Yunduan. Yuyuan Garden occupies an area of 20,000 square meters (about five acres). However, the small size is not a representative of the attractions of the garden. The pavilions, halls, rockeries, ponds and cloisters all have unique characteristics. There are six main scenic areas in the garden: Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall and the Inner Garden. Each area features several scenic spots within its borders.

    "The best example of Chines gardens"
    Reviewed June 2, 2012
    "That garden represents the lifestile of the rich chinese families. It is planned so, that after every corner you find a new point of view on an artificial landscape, with wonderfull shapes of rocks, plants, pavilions and if you look at the roofs, strange mystical creatures statues. The garden located in the center of the renewed chinatown that functions as a big bazar. a realy must in Shanghai."
    Mr. Jerusalem.

    [The Bund]
    is a waterfront area in central Shanghai, People's Republic of China. The area centres on a section of Zhongshan Road (East-1 Zhongshan Road) within the former Shanghai International Settlement, which runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River, facing Pudong, in the eastern part of Huangpu District. The Bund usually refers to the buildings and wharves on this section of the road, as well as some adjacent areas. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. Building heights are restricted in this area.

    "What a skyline!"
    Reviewed June 9,
    "If you stay in sh, i would have to go to bund. The view is amazing, both during the day and night. Of course it looks like something already seen (ny, hk, singapore) but even if it's a turistic area it' s a place to see during your stay in sh."
    Mr. Paolo.

    [Acrobatic Night Show]
    This famous Chinese troupe have pleased crowds and won acrobatic awards all over the world. The amazing show features some of the best acts, and is a feast of light color, incredible acrobatic and circus feats.

    “Great show”
    Reviewed June 2, 2012
    "I saw that show several times and enjoyed it every time. It is one of the "must"s in Shanghai. It built as an arena but the best places are on mid hight at the center against the stage."
    Mr. GaiMike.

    Day 10 : Shanghai

    [Oriental Pearl TV Tower]
    This 468 meters (1,536 feet) high tower is the world's third tallest TV and radio tower surpassed in height only by towers in Toronto, Canada and Moscow, Russia. However, even more alluring than its height is the tower's unique architectural design that makes the Oriental Pearl TV Tower one of the most attractive places anywhere. The base of the tower is supported by three seven-meter wide slanting stanchions. Surrounding the eleven steel spheres that are 'strung' vertically through the center of the tower are three nine-meter wide columns. There are three large spheres including the top sphere, known as the space module. Then there are five smaller spheres and three decorative spheres on the tower base. The entire structure rests on rich green grassland and gives the appearance of pearls shining on a jade plate.

    "Speechless view"
    Reviewed June 6, 2012
    "The view was the top was just amazing. All you can see from the top are stacks of high-rise buildings which are breathtakings. Personally, i think the view was far better than eiffel tower. A must visit place if you visit Shanghai. Try out the transparent glass tower, if you dare."
    Ms. Grace.

    [Jiangnan Silk Workshop]
    See how silk is produced from the cocoons of silk worms, and turned into the beautiful fabric we all know and love. Silk filled duvets are excellent value, and the showroom offers everything from small souvenirs to larger items. The beauty of real silk is that it's so light, and packs really easily.

    Tian Zi Fang, originated from the Chian’s first artist recorded in Chuang Tzu was named by Huang Yongyu, the leading authority in painting. Shikumen architectural style is preserved intact in Tian Zi Fang, which gathers many interesting featured shops showing a lively and colorful picture.

    [Shikumen Houses]
    Shukumen Houses is the most representative residential building in Shanghai, which is defined as on of the landmarks of Shanghai urban civilization. “shikumen Houses” lane in Tian Zi Fang attracts many domestic and overseas tourists with is unique “Shanghia style”, becoming an important cultural heritage place of “Shikumen Houses” culture in Shanghai.

    Tianzifang & Shikumen Houses
    “China old and new”
    Reviewed June 4, 2012,
    "The powers that be in Shanghai have done a magnificent job of making this city a fantastic destination. After you have visited the Bund and the skyscrapers, the French Concession and Nanjing Road jump into a cab and head for Tian Zi Fang which is a modernised version of old Shanghai with a mangle of lanes with shops and restaurants, art galleries and designers all muddled together." Ms. Reilly

    Xintiandi is an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai, China. It is composed of an area of reconstituted traditional shikumen ("stone gate") houses on narrow alleys, some adjoining houses which now serve as book stores, cafes and restaurants, and shopping malls. Most of the cafes and restaurants feature both indoor and outdoor seatings. Xintiandi has an active nightlife on weekdays as well as weekends, though romantic settings are more common than loud music and dance places. It is considered one of the first lifestyle centers in China.

    “Nice place to relax and take a break in Shanghai”
    Reviewed December 28, 2011
    "We enjoyed Xintiandi very much, we had drinks from one place to the next and we like to just seat there and soak in the ambience of the old Shanghai. Then we started eating from western food on the streets to dim sum in the larger building which was excellent. Clearly, this place is for the upmarket residence or foreigners..."

    [Nanjing Road]
    China's premier shopping street, 3.4-mile-long Nanjing Road, starts at the Bund in the east and ends in the west at the junction of Jing'an Temple and Yan'an West Street. Today Nanjing Road is a must-see metropolitan destination attracting thousands of fashion-seeking shoppers from all over the world.

    Day 11 : Shanghai Departure

    Date Destination Attractions (Click the name to view. You can customize the attractions based on each.)
    Day 1 Beijing Arrival Relax and Recover at the rest of day (after arriving hotel with the help of guide)
    Day 2 Beijing Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven
    Day 3 Beijing Badaling Great Wall, Thirteen Ming Tombs, Sacred Road, Cloisonne Factory (Learn Tranditional Chinese Art, Know How It Is Made.), Bird's Nest, Water Cube Stadiums
    Day 4 Beijing Summer Palace, Hutong Day Tour, Kungfu or Peking Opera Night Show
    Day 5 Beijing-Xi'an Flight to Xi’an, Hanyangling (Tomb of Emperor Jingdi, Quite Different Experience from Terra-Cotta Warriors) or Shaanxi History Museum
    Day 6 Xi'an Terra-Cotta Warriors and Soldiers Museum, Xian Art Ceramics Factory, Xi'an Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta), Xi'an Fountain Show (in Dayanta Northern Square) at Night
    Day 7 Xi’an-Guilin Flight to Guilin, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill
    Day 8 Guilin-Yangshuo Li River Cruise to Yangshuo, Free Relax (West Street or others), Car Back to Guilin;
    Day 9 Guilin-Shanghai Flight to Shanghai, Yu Gardern, the Bund, Acrobatic Night Show
    Day 10 Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Jiangnan Silk Workshop (Could see lovely silkworm babies, Learn How the silk is made.), Tianzifang, Shikumen Houses, Xintiandi, Nanjing Road
    Day 11 Shanghai Depart Transferred to the airport for your flight.
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    Dear Lillian,
    Today we arrived well, the guide has been very helpfull and kind, he will leave my mom at the airport tomorrow. As for me maybe ill go by myself to the museum...i am not sure yet but ill try jejeje as ill have some time. I want to thank you for all arrangement that you did for us, our trip was a wonderfull experience!
    Thanks for everything!
    Ill send you photos when i arrive home ok!
    Perla Carias

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