For 25 years, Disney's "Lion King" live-action version is coming - this time you have 2 correct ways to open!

Disney released "Lion King" live version

North America released on July 19, 2019

25 years away

Full of childhood feelings

Familiar story and picture

Everything seems to have never changed

Unique change

Maybe there is a teenager who is accompanying me to find that memory.

"The Lion King" is really our childhood memories

a movie that many people were "stunned" when they were young.

In 2002 and 2011

Replayed IMAX and 3D respectively

How many people walked into the theater for a time to recharge their feelings?

Today, Disney released the first Chinese trailer for the live-action version of "The Lion King". The film was directed by "Iron Man" director Jon Feiru, and the original "Fantasy Forest" was created. The realistic picture is impeccable. Stunning! The dubbing team is even more powerful. "It is possible to assemble such a dream team and revitalize such a classic story. This is the dream of being a director," said Jon.

Donald Glovo dubbed Simba

Beyonce Knowles dubbed his girlfriend Nana

James Earl Jones dubbed his father Mufasa

Alpha Ward dubbed the mother Sarab

Chevat Egafort dubbed the uncle's knife

Billy Eichner dubbed Ding Man

Seth Rogan dubbed Peng Peng

Reproduce memory

(New and old versions of "Lion King" comparison)

This memory is called restoration

Into the buckle, perfect to reproduce the classics of the past

In Africa, Kenya, you can find all the memories, whether Amboseli looks up at the snow of Kilimanjaro or the five African beasts on the Maasai Mara Prairie. Most of the scenes and animals in the "Lion King" movie can be Find the real prototype here.

The slang of Hakura Matata in
Kenya means "you have no troubles from now on". In 
"Lion King", the most classic lines are 
like the words of the 
day and night, looking at the sun. Acacia trees, above the 
grasslands of Hakulamatata  , watching the animals show their true wildness, outside the 
time of Hakuramata  , watching the most primitive life of the Maasai, Hakuramata

Go to Kenya to see animals

You will realize that you have come to the animal planet.

Kenya is a walking textbook

Nature, biology, English, geography

I learned it without paying attention.

Inadvertently broke into the "Lion King" movie

Killing and bloody, survival and destruction

Humans are just viewers, just passing guests

Morning sun and sunset

The most beautiful movie scenes are also in Kenya

No one can resist the sunset of the East African grasslands

The huge fireball dragged the lost time

Except for far view

You can also live in harmony with animals.

There is no difference in species here.

Are villagers in the global village

This memory is called deductive

Continue to write classics and create your own exclusive memories

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