National Geographic Parenting Camp "My East African Animal Diary" invites you to explore ~

Machu Picchu, Shangri-La, flying Vietnamese pole, mountain gorilla

Nearly all major geographic discoveries in 130 years

All related to the support of National Geographic

After more than a year of careful preparation

Heavy first parent-child camp

We invite you and your children

Follow the footsteps of national geography

Understand the magical world we live on

| What can I learn?

■  Understand the overall migration of animals under the guidance of animal experts

■  Use scientific methods to discover the mystery of balance between man and nature

■  One day animal protection volunteers in the Masai Mara Prairie

■  Complete the Marseille Aboriginal Culture Survey under the leadership of the teacher

■The  private protected area lord explains the private protected area system in East Africa

■  Swiss family witnessed the evolution of the grassland tells the story

| What can I experience?

■  Follow the unique open-type off-road vehicle and follow the professional guide to pursue animals

■  Intimate contact with animals in animal orphanages

■  Get a giraffe kiss (if you have the courage)

■  Safari Safari under the protection of a gun guard

■  Night Safari with thermal imaging tracker

■  Watch the sunset on the endless grasslands

■  Visit the ancient Marseille Cave

■With the  Maasai people to release cattle, learn the skills of drilling wood to fire

■  Take the “Prairie Air Bus”

■  Traveling with dolphins at the Indian Ocean coast

| Reassurance service guarantee

Real high quality

■ Based on years of experience in the National Geographic of the United States, small aircraft connections are used between destinations in traffic to avoid dusty long-term bumps.

■ Safari chooses to modify the open 360 degree panoramic land cruiser to see animals do not need to stand up and get out of the car

■ Accommodation in Europe and the United States high-end players wild luxury camp

■ A lunch bag and a one-of-a-kind buffet dinner that avoids the difficulty of swallowing in regular African travel, with an outdoor picnic and a three-course dinner with a la carte

■ Unlimited bottled drinking water per person per day, guaranteeing true high quality

Strong security

■ This trip does not stop in the city, experience the charm of the original nature, the grassland will be safer

■ The grassland trek will be accompanied by a gun guard

■ The leader holds a Red Cross first aid certificate and carries a medicine chest with him

■ If there is a sudden illness or injury that cannot be handled in the field, we will call helicopter rescue to the hospital.

| Selection hotel

We do not choose ordinary hotels

Only recommend hidden grassland palaces

And tranquil ocean paradise

Combine wild adventures with quiet privacy

|| Fairmont Norfolk Hotel

Set in an early 19th-century colonial building, the hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Nairobi. Set in tropical gardens, the hotel offers luxurious and comfortable rooms. This hotel has a strong African character and is perfect for us who are new to Kenya.


|| Fairmont Kenya Mountain Wildlife Club

Located at the foot of the majestic mountain peaks of Mount Kenya, the hotel straddles the equator and has the same fascinating history as the surrounding landscape. It is the perfect epitome of Africa. The animal orphanage next to the hotel is one of the reasons why we chose to stay here. 

|| Masai Mara Bushtops Wild Luxury Camp

Over 100 square meters of tent villas on a hillside, open on three sides, overlooking the majestic prairie and adjacent valleys, with spectacular views and exhilarating exquisiteness.The animals walk leisurely between the tents, and the personal butlers always appear when they need them, enjoying world-class comfort and intimacy while being embraced by nature.

|| Serengeti Bushtops Wild Luxury Camp

Ideally located on the Kentan border, the campsite is just 24 km from the famous Mara River and offers an unparalleled wildlife safari experience. Over 120 square meters of living space, you can enjoy the wide view of the African grasslands on the private viewing deck.

|| Zanzibar White Sands Luxury Villa Resort Spa

Located on the east coast of Zanzibar Island, the hotel is a member of the Relais & Châteaux luxury hotel group and offers unrivalled views of the island of San Diego. After a few days of running on the grassland, I stayed with my peers in the oversized beach house under the blue sky and blue sky, facing the sea, enjoying the body and mind, and drawing a perfect ending for the whole trip.

My East African Animal Diary

10 nights 11 days parent-child camp

Cost includes

National Geographic Travel invited experts explain half a day

A parent-child teacher explained the whole process

Accompanied by a good team leader

Local 10 nights luxury hotel accommodation

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

Aircraft and vehicle traffic connections in Kenya & Tanzania

Daily experience activities and tickets

Full personal overseas insurance and helicopter rescue insurance on the grassland

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