All the way is friendly | Travel to Kenya Spring Festival

In this important holiday of frozen hands and family reunion, where should you go with the family to spend the Spring Festival? Kenya, which is friendly from the price of airfare, is better off picking it this year.

During the Spring Festival, compared with the fare of the "Great Migration Season", there will even be a slight downward trend. Instead of spending twice the fare to fly to popular tourist resorts, it is better to go to Kenya .

In addition to having a long, long vacation and paid salary, there is an important driving force to avoid the cold. The northern hemisphere continues to be cold, and the southern hemisphere is hot. It wants to be freed from the heavy winter clothes, and it is not to be sweated. The plateau on the equator is just right.

At this moment, Kenya still maintains an average temperature of 12-25 degrees inland and 25-31 degrees along the coast . The comfortable weather is good, and the African style is full of wild atmosphere. It is convenient to travel, and the temperature is moderate. All kinds of wear, take a self-portrait beauty shot along the way can be achieved by pressing the shutter.

I want to win the first prize in the Spring Festival Friends Circle Photo Contest. Congratulations, you have already won the starting line, don't you believe it? Let's take a look at a group of "street" shots in Kenya.

Keep a record of the following group of travel cameras, it is even more certain.

Kenya travel photography tips:

Earth colors + accessories: Kachi coats, camel trousers, Beige linen shirts, including the recent heat of Morandi ash, can help you quickly become Kenya's top traveler. With a hat and a headscarf, you can easily make a good-looking hunting style.

Lazy in the hotel: Self-portraits on the cool 4WD have earned a hundred friends in the circle, but another way to stay in the hotel, Kenya's unique wild high-level camp tents are all angles.

Prospective zone animals, close-up Aboriginal: The incidence of horrible collision photographs in Kenya is extremely low. Take a wide picture of African elephants behind you, or pull the shy little brother of Marseilles for a group photo, not afraid that no one will praise it or be pulled black by friends.

Traveling during the Spring Festival holiday, most of the time you have to bring your baby and parents, and it’s enough to have a family trip. It is necessary to care for the small, not forgetting the old, the destination of the young and old.Besides islands, there are wilderness for the young and the old. It happens that Kenya has both

The classic gameplay in Kenya's savanna is a safari, usually two days a week, in the morning and afternoon, the rhythm of the trip is just in line with the parents who love to get up early, the baby who wants to take a nap.

Again, this classic gameplay doesn't rely on "going." Sitting on a four-wheel drive to find animals is standard, the baby does not need to bring a cart, parents do not have to worry about not moving. There is also the Sundowner on the wilderness , drinking a small wine in the sunset, sitting down and waiting for the sunset, and no one will be slowed down on a slow-paced journey.

[If you are an activist] : More exciting high-level safari methods are waiting for you to try: such as riding a mountain bike safari, riding a horse or riding a camel, hiking and safari , so you can find the special animal experience only after you have tried it. If you have ample budget, helicopter safari and a hot air balloon leaping to the savanna will open up the ultimate experience for you.

[If you are a humanist] : Visiting the villages of Marseille or Samburu can not be less. Follow the local Miss Marseille to learn bead weaving, find the indigenous brother to learn a few wild survival skills, no need to come back.

If your Spring Festival holiday is longer than seven days:

In addition to watching animals, it is also recommended to drive to the Rift Valley to visit the lake . In addition to Lake Boglia and Lake Nakuru and Lake Navasha, the Lake Victoria is less attractive and the Lake Magadi is dreamlike. Or take a helicopter to the northern desert, the western volcano ; and the second equator of the equator Kenya Hill is worth living.

Nothing is more suitable for the Spring Festival travel than the sunny beach. There is no cross-border, no transfer, there is a long coastline in Kenya, and more importantly, the beach here has not been captured by the raging tourists, the price of the island hotel is naturally quite friendly.

The long white sands of Diani Beach are enough to wipe away the melancholy and coldness of the winter; the Watamu and Malindi beaches are great places for water sports, swimming with turtles and dolphins, and going there. The second largest city, Mombasa, is close to the sea, and all kinds of seafood restaurants are not the same.

[If you are a humanist] : Mombasa Old Town and World Heritage Lamu Island is worth going.

[If you care about privacy]  : Manda Bay in Lamu Islands and The Sands at Chale Island are for you.

Manda Bay

The Sands at Chale Island

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