10 days Johannesburg Port Elizabeth Plettenberg Bay Oudtshoorn Hermanus Cape Down tour

Tour Code: ZA10-001

Tour Duration: 10 Days 9 Nights.

Tour Themes: Kids-friendly, Luxury, Honeymoon, Student, Hiking & Trekking, Wildlife, Safaris, Couple

Tour Route: Johannesburg-Port Elizabeth-Plettenberg Bay-Oudtshoorn-Hermanus-Cape Down

10 days Johannesburg Port Elizabeth Plettenberg Bay Oudtshoorn Hermanus Cape Down tour

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Also you are a parent-child paradise, and the children are recovering the laughter of their childhoodWe all know that South Africa is a "country of the rainbow". This romantic place has the most beautiful sunset in Table Mountain, a world-famous wine, and a paradise where you can remember your childhood and laugh with your children. When the winter holiday is approaching, instead of letting the children bury their homework, it is better to take them to South Africa and recover the childhood we have never had before.Make travel more meaningfulEntertaining and entertaining is always the best choice for children, which is why parents are now willing to let their children go to the summer camp. What can be gained during the trip, is it better to let the children develop awareness of the protection of animals and the environment during this journey?The first hotel in this line, Shamwari Game Reserve, is located in the St. Warri Wildlife Sanctuary. There are several animal protection centers in the reserve. You can not only bring the children to visit in person, but also the Safari activities specially prepared for the children in the reserve. You can walk in the car or follow the guide. Naturally, get close to the animals.Happy harvest in the sandI still remember the first season, "Where is Dad?" The children laughed and laughed on the beach. The hearty laughter is always ticking and eager to try. This activity, even if it is an adult, is a bit unbearable.On this trip, you can experience the fun of sanding with the children. Sliding down from the heights of the beach, and accumulating a hearty laugh, I believe that both you and the children will enjoy it and forget it.Little seals swimming togetherThe cute little seals in the documentary, this time you can see the deity. There are about 6,000 Cape seals in nature reserves and marine reserves near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. If children are a little timid, they can go out to sea and watch them play freely in the sea.If the children are brave enough, you can take the children into the sea with professionally certified divers and swim with the seals. I believe the children will have a good aftertaste.Crazy to play the biggest fence maze in the Southern HemisphereSome eat and have a fence labyrinth to play, who doesn't like it? The largest hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere is in the strawberry farm in Georgetown, where a green labyrinth allows children to go crazy and laugh at the hide-and-seek process.Children can also pick strawberries on the farm. The strawberries here are full of sunshine and the taste is extraordinarily sweet. The farmer also uses freshly picked strawberries to make delicious strawberry juice for the children."massage" for the elephantEncouraging children to get in touch with nature and promoting children to be close to nature has always been the hope of parents and the most enjoyable thing for us.Cultivating their environmental awareness from an early age is not only for them, but also for our blue planet.During this journey, we will arrange for the children to approach the animal's intelligent representative, the elephant, to let the children "massage" the cute and clever elephants and feed their favorite bananas.Meerkat adventureDing Man in the movie "The Lion King" has been deep into the hearts of children. In Hermanus, South Africa, we arrange for you and the children to watch the wild meerkats. The children can look at the cute cockroaches of the cockroaches that mimic humans standing up and out.Antarctic rock climbing penguin in the aquariumWalking into the South Sea aquarium in South Africa, you can get close to the Antarctic rock-climbing penguins. These unpicked penguins will randomly choose close guests, which will be your time to show your charm.Those who have the heart can also adopt small turtles here and donate to the Penguin Nature Conservation Fund to contribute to protecting their living environment.Day 1-2Domestic-St. Warri Private Wildlife SanctuaryTake Singapore Airlines to Johannesburg, South Africa, via Singapore. Arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa. After entering the customs, transfer directly to Port Elizabeth and drive to the St. Warri Wildlife Sanctuary. Take a break and take part in an evening safari tour.Shamwari Game Reserve is located in the St. Warri Wildlife Sanctuary and offers the best views of the natural beauty of South Africa. We are here tonight, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with South African wildlife, and encounter the “African Five Fighters” during the safari process.Located 75 km from Port Elizabeth, Shamwari Game Reserve has luxurious suites, each with the best view, allowing you to touch the natural beauty of South Africa. The Lodge not only offers one safari every morning and evening, but also an African bonfire dinner in the evening. You can also enjoy the unique Safari Spa here. The Lodge also offers a shuttle bus for you to travel.Day 3St. Warri Private Wildlife RefugeThe wild safari experience in the morning and evening will once again lead you to the "African Five Fighters" (African Lions, African Elephants, African Buffaloes, African Leopards and Black Rhinos). For the protection of nature, this is an important social responsibility. The Wildlife Sanctuary has established several animal protection centres to protect nature and the environment.You can then go to the Animal Rescue Center to gain a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the importance of animal conservation and habitat. After lunch, you can also experience the unique Safari Spa in Africa at your own expense. In the evening, sit around the campfire and enjoy this unique dinner together.Day 4St. Warri Private Wildlife Refuge - Port Elizabeth - Plettenberg BayAfter a simple refreshment, the professional guide takes you on an open safari to start a safari in the morning. After returning to the hotel for breakfast, check out and start the real Garden Route tour. South Africa's unique geographical environment and the huge sea breeze of the Atlantic Ocean are piled up in the natural sand dunes of Port Elizabeth. The activity of sand-sanding originated in Africa. I believe that no "bear child" does not like to play sand. This is also a family interactive competition, no need to feel nervous, professional coaches will guide you.Drive to Plettenberg Bay and take the assault boat to the Marine Reserve, where there are about 6,000 Cape seals. Jumping into the sea with professional certified divers and swimming with the seals for 30 minutes, this will be an unforgettable experience. At the same time, we also welcome to sit on the assault boat.Day 5Plettenberg Bay - Nasna - George Town - OudtshoornAfter breakfast, head to the small town of Nasna, a calm lagoon on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Two cliffs separate the lagoon of Nasna from the Indian Ocean. The two prominent cliffs are called "The Heads." Drive to the top of the hill on the east side and overlook the town. After going down to the leisure island, time flies slowly, as if entering a comfortable life, the mansion here is not very expensive. Nasna's seafood is famous, and the fresh and sweet oysters make you feel unfinished and not expensive. If you are not used to eating, you can try grilled prawns, lobster, sea fish and other seafood.After a full meal, visit the Strawberry Farm, the largest hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere. Taste a cup of fresh and delicious strawberry juice, start a fun-filled hide-and-seek tour, or pick strawberries yourself. The next section of Panshan Road will be sent to Oudtshoorn to visit the Ostrich Park, which is also home to the global ostrich garden. In the eyes of the locals, the ostrich is not only the largest bird in the world, but also a poultry with high economic value. Its skin, hair, meat and eggs have been developed into expensive products. As early as the 19th century, the ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn began to breed ostriches and exported ostrich feathers to Europe for the use of hats and costumes by noble ladies.Late at night, Klein Karoo has a clear sky, and it is definitely an unspoiled and wonderful star-gazing place to enter the night. You can wear the children to look up at the stars and count the stars together.Day 6Oudtshoen-HermanusWe always advocate the protection of animals and environmentally friendly travel, so that children's awareness of protecting the environment from childhood is also one of the purposes of our trip. Here you can use the brush to help the elephant "massage", feed them to eat bananas, let the children ignite the awareness of protecting animals from an early age. This is one of the few places in South Africa where you can see wild cats. Cats don't like to sleep late, you have to get up early to see. The cat scorpion, which is a group of animals, mimics the cute appearance of human beings standing up and out. Cats don’t have a flavor. There are cute wild meerkats, which are built here to be caves.Going to Hermanus, the town is known as "the world's best land whale watching spot" and is considered one of the best places in the world to watch southern right whales. If the weather is good, you can watch a variety of different whales coming to the land to breed and breed. Every year, the Southern Right Whales leave the Antarctic place where the snow and ice are hunting, and begin to migrate south to the warmer climate.Don't be surprised when you hear the giant horn, this is the only whale in the world to discover the sound of whales in the sea.Day 7Hermanus-Stellenbosch-Cape TownAfter breakfast, head all the way to Stellenbosch, the top ten towns in South Africa. As a new world wine region, South Africa's premier wine region, it is also known as the "Bordeaux" in South Africa. Going to the Spiel Winery and tasting the two classic wines from Spiel: Méthode Cap Classique and Creative Block blends, and the perfect blend of chocolates, it feels great.Don't worry that your child will be bored. Zan Nadu Travel has specially opened a “back door” for them – grape juice, and three different grape juices can also teach the grape knowledge in the vineyard. The history of Spiel's winery dates back to 1692 and is the oldest winery in South Africa. The Dutch colonizer Jan v Riebeeck arrived in South Africa in 1652 and planted the first noble vine in 1655. Today Spier is the most famous winery in South Africa and was named the best wine producer in South Africa by wine and spirits competition. The wine produced by the company is awarded internationally for its excellent quality and high cost performance.Go to Cape Town. Free at the V&A terminal, strolling around the pier and watching the performances of street performers as if they were in Europe. Visit the two ocean aquariums. If your child is over 8 years old, you can also get close to the Antarctic rock climbing penguin. There will also be a 100 rand in the cost of this trip, which will be donated to the aquarium as a Penguin Nature Conservation Fund in the name of you and your child. In the aquarium, there are also project plans for adopting baby turtles.It is also the best time to go to Table Mountain at sunset, and take a 360° rotating cable car to climb the mountain. Please consult the Zanadu Travel Advisor who will give you a specific timetable for each sunset. We always insist on giving the best travel experience!Cape Town’s Table Mountain Sunset was named one of the “Top Ten Most Romantic Places in the World” by the American Geography magazine. It is 1,067 meters high. There are often small animals such as civet cats and moles on the mountain. The misty mist slowly floats down the table mountain, like a white tablecloth embroidered with lace, which flutters with the wind, and the beauty is unbelievable! Overlooking the entire harbor on the mountain, the sea is close to the sea.Day 8Day trip to the Cape PeninsulaAfter breakfast, drive to Hout Bay and take a boat trip to visit the unique marine animals on the west coast of Africa - seals.Then follow the famous Cape Town Promenade to Cape Town, the South African naval port, and visit the Penguin Beach while enjoying the sights of the town to learn about the unique tropical penguins of Africa. In order to give you a better experience, we will arrange for you to walk in the individual passenger passage, and look at the thick penguin from the side of you.Then, through the coastal road of the Cape Peninsula, visit the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, which is the sea area where the two oceans meet, the most southwestern end of the African continent, and a holy place for good hope. After lunch, take the double-decker cable car to the top of Cape Point, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, unforgettable.There are many South African-style colorful cabins on the beach after the return journey.Day 9-10Cape Town - DomesticAfter breakfast at the hotel, we will depart for the country and end this unforgettable trip to South Africa.South Africa 10 Days 7 Nights Garden Walk Parent-child TourExplore the country of the rainbow and play the fun of Africa · Package includes · ● The economy class listed in the itinerary does not include tax tickets ● 2 nights full meal at St. Warri Shamwari Wild Luxury Hotel ● 1 night in Plettenberg Bay Plettenberg Bay ● Oudtshoorn Manor Hotel Oudtshoorn 1 night ● 1 night in Hermanus Hermanus ● Cape Town Cape Town Marina Hotel 2 nights ● Ticket fees for some attractions during the trip (except optional events) ● Full-time Chinese driver and tour guide service included in the itinerary ● 1 overseas airport representative service ● 1 bottle of 500ml mineral water daily ● Child care service in St. Warri Private Wildlife Reserve
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