10 Days Japan Family & Kids-friendly Tours Sapporo Otaru Shakotan Niseko Lake Toya Noboribetsu Furano Biei Asahikawa Sounkyo Shikaoi Tokachigawa

Tour Code: DJ101339-1

Tour Duration: 10 Days 9 Nights.

Tour Themes: Kids-friendly, Honeymoon, Classic, Summer, Onsen

Tour Route: Sapporo - Otaru - Shakotan - Otaru - Niseko - Lake Toya - Noboribetsu - Sapporo - Furano - Biei - Asahikawa - Sounkyo - Shikaoi - Tokachigawa - Sapporo

10 Days Japan Family & Kids-friendly Tours Sapporo Otaru Shakotan Niseko Lake Toya Noboribetsu Furano Biei Asahikawa Sounkyo Shikaoi Tokachigawa

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 Sapporo

Sapporo Arrival

Sapporo Free Day

Day 2 Sapporo

Nikka Whisky Hokkaido Yoichi Distillery

Shimamui Coast

Cape Kamui

Day 3 Otaru

Former Hokkaido Bank Head Office

Sakaimachi Street

Otaru Music Box Museum

Day 4 Lake Toya

Noboribetsu Hell Valley

Usuzan Ropeway

Silo Observatory

Day 5 Sapporo

Sapporo Clock Tower

Moerenuma Park

Central Wholesale Market

Day 6 Sapporo

Farm Tomita


Blue Pond

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9 days Wellington tour

Tour Code: NZ9-002

Tour Duration: 9 Days 8 Nights.

Tour Themes: Kids-friendly, Luxury, Honeymoon, Summer, Beach, Couple, Flower

Tour Route: Wellington

9 days Wellington tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
New Zealand Fairy Tale Tour When I talked about New Zealand, did you see the Middle Ages in the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" in your mind? There are green grass, big trees, flowers everywhere... like this :The beauty of New Zealand is much more than that!The island nation with a land area of ​​just over 200,000 square kilometers is located on the south side of the Earth, just a stone's throw from the South Pole. But in the corner of the world, the Creator did not hesitate its imagination and ink, and put all the beauty that people can imagine into the edge of the earth - snow mountains, lakes and green plants are woven into a simple and pure Landscape picture.If the season is right, you can also see a large piece of Lu Binghua blooming on the ground, a large piece of fluffy green, the grandeur of the lavender blooms in the summer season of Provence, like a praise to the beauty of life.At the Antarctic Experience Center , where you can restore the Antarctic climate and ecological environment, you can experience the cold of the polar storm. But nature is not always cold and ruthless. The experience center is also a healing place for injured little blue penguins. The feeding scene is especially cute. Come and count, 2,466 .The stone-built Shepherd's Church is located on the shores of Lake Tekapo , silently witnessing the passing of the centuries-old time between the mountains and rivers, pointing the way for the lost lambs. Because it is far away from urban lighting pollution, it has also been rated as the best starry sky observation point in the Southern Hemisphere. When the night sky is clear, the glory of the Milky Way gives the church a layer of shallow silver, and the stars are shining, which is the love story from the depths of the universe.The former gold digger dumped the gorgeous luxury of this town, so he named it " Queenstown ." The town rises in the mountains surrounded by mountains, like a gem in the crown. But in this landscape there is a passion for your adrenaline blast – here is the steepest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, jungle walks with varying degrees of difficulty, stunning skydiving and bungee jumping, or a canyon swing ......From Queenstown, cross the Milford View Boulevard , which is known as one of the world's most beautiful landscape avenues . In the Milford Sound , the eighth wonder of the world , you can take a cruise or helicopter. Enter the ground, enjoy the beauty of the wonderland, see the glacial erosion terrain, mirror lake and cold temperate rainforest landscape in front of your eyes.The firefly wormhole hidden under the ground of the South Island is a large cave system composed of limestone. A variety of stalactites and stalagmites are filled with fluorescent dots, such as starry sky.Glenorchy is the place where the film "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" is taken. Someone has come here to trace the footprints of elves and magicians. It is called “the town of paradise”. Some people say that it is named after the beautiful and tranquil natural scenery of the town, while others think that the name is derived from the paradise duck that inhabits here. No one can determine the true origin of the name, but the suffocating nature of nature has gained the approval of all. Riding horses in the warm sun of spring, horseshoes print on green grass, is a good way to experience the different styles of Middle-earth.Are you very excited?  100% pure New Zealand tour Christchurch, Tekapo, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Firefly Cave, Lord of the Rings... On the road in New Zealand's South Island , Lu Binghua , alongside the roadside, will accompany you to witness the beautiful Lake Tekapo , the most beautiful starry sky in the world , the magnificent classical Queenstown, and the magnificent Mir. Ford Fjord , fantastic firefly wormhole , quiet and beautiful Ring of the Rings , and the cute little lamb on the farm 9 days and 8 nights pure play
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6 days Phu Quoc Island tour

Tour Code: VN6-002

Tour Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights.

Tour Themes: Kids-friendly, Honeymoon, Winter, Senior, Beach, Couple

Tour Route: Phu Quoc Island

6 days Phu Quoc Island tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Pearl Island Resort in Phu Quoc Island, to satisfy all your imagination of the island Traveling in Vietnam, many people only know about Nha Trang. Nha Trang is beautiful, but there is also an island that is amazing for countless people, lying quietly near the coastline.This is the island of Phu Quoc.Phu Quoc Island belongs to Vietnam's Kien Giang, an island of similar size to Singapore.Why is this island so amazing? That's because it hasn't been overexploited. What you see is the purest side of Vietnam.On Phu Quoc Island, we can watch the sunrise in the eastern fishing village and watch the sunset on the west coast; diving enthusiasts can dance with the fish and be listed as the most unspoiled beach by international magazines.This is still a green island with a forest coverage rate of 90%. This is the real natural oxygen bar.People can travel between the virgin forest and the tides, letting all the bad emotions drift away with the wind.The preferred place to come to Phu Quoc Island is a resort called Pearl.Phu Quoc Island Pearl Resort is an international five-star quality hotel that hides in the depths of the rainforest and is surrounded by white sandy beaches and blue seas.It has a completely private beach and the largest water world in Asia.Pearl Paradise, Sea World, outdoor swimming pool, kids club, 27-hole golf course... a lot of entertainment facilities. Even if the house is in a resort, it will not be boring.There is also a free tour bus to go anywhere in the resort.The interior facilities are also very good, comfortable and soft beds, bathrobes, slippers...All are equipped with all kinds of modern facilities and premium brand toiletries, and enjoy the international five-star quality service. At the same time, it has a balcony with sea views, a private bathroom, and an infinity pool and sea view.The spa is not a Thai patent, so you can also enjoy a soothing massage or sing karaoke at the hotel.Phu Quoc Island Pearl Resort is a paradise for children to enjoy, with a large amusement park and a Disneyland. A room card can enter and exit at will, without queuing, no need to pay.It’s as simple as trying to contract a whole amusement park.In the indoor play area there is a 5D cinema, crazy play in a large video game city. Water World Park is one of the largest water worlds in Asia, and the evening musical fountain show always makes children scream.The underwater world here has a variety of tropical fish, sharks, and slowly swimming turtles and colorful corals...Isn’t it enough to look at sea animals? Vietnam’s largest safari park is located here. The park covers an area of ​​380 acres, with 150 species of wild animals, 3,000 individual animals and 1,200 plants.The zoo is divided into two areas, one is the safari area, and the other is an open area, which is suitable for bringing children to close contact with nature and interacting with animals.I am waiting for you in the elegant and natural island of Phu Quoc.
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8 days Haifa Tiberias Jerusalem Tel Aviv tour

Tour Code: IL8-001

Tour Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights.

Tour Themes: Kids-friendly, Honeymoon, Senior, UNESCO, Culture History, Couple, Landscape

Tour Route: Haifa-Tiberias-Jerusalem-Tel Aviv

8 days Haifa Tiberias Jerusalem Tel Aviv tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Enjoy the ultimate aristocratic experience on God’s beloved Emerald Green Island, a purely welcoming holiday starting from Swing Golf The Nobel Prize, worldwide, is often considered the most important award in the field of awards. But there is such a place, the population only accounts for 0.2% of the total number of people in the world, but it has won more than 20% of the Nobel Prize !Here, technology contributes more than 90% of GDP. In the Nasdaq exchange, which is known for attracting technology companies, the country contributes 147 listed companies , second only to the United States, Canada and China.This is the promised land of God, the place where the milk and honey flow in the Bible, or the place where the blood and fire in the news network are all Israel !Why did Israel, a country that has been dead for more than 2,000 years, resurrected miraculously? Why did you create so many miracles in the 70 years of the restoration of the country?Israel, what was your first reaction when you heard about this country? Is it legend or reality? Is it war or suffering? Is it prejudice or reconciliation? Is history or belief?Israel, a country that looks like a turmoil but is rarer than anyone and defends peace; a country that covers 2/3 of the desert but can still create a miracle of desert agriculture with technology; a rich cultural feast and multiple beauty coexist, completely beyond your imagination s country!Most of Israel is Jewish, and most Jews love Israel. The wisdom of the Jews is obvious to all. In the past 20 years, the Jewish-dominated Israel has given birth to 10 Nobel Prize winners. In Israel, you can feel the classic concept of "the wisdom is more important than wealth and status, scholars are far superior to the rich and the king ".Because of the freedom of the Jews, the development of wisdom and rational thinking has enabled them to create one technological achievement. At the same time, on the other hand, the most famous classical musicians in the world today are quite Jewish.Israel resurrected in 1948, recovered Jerusalem in 1967, and played a concerto on the hill east of Jerusalem in the evening. The Jews were composed and Jewish, and they were world-class artists. Jewish people have both sensibility and rationality, and the two complement each other. This is one of the reasons why the Israelis are strong and basic.In the Jewish classic "Talmud" there is a saying " If the world is very beautiful, nine points are in Jerusalem ." Jerusalem is also a holy sanctuary of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is a well-deserved religious holy city." If a piece of land has a soul, then Jerusalem is the soul of Israel. "Since the first 10th century, the Solomon Temple was built in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem has always been the center and most sacred city of Jewish faith. It became a place of worship for God and a symbol of the nation of Israel. The Western Wall, the remains of the former temple, remains the most sacred place of Judaism.Christians also attach great importance to Jerusalem, because according to the Bible, this is where Jesus died, buried, resurrected, and ascended to heaven. Islam also listed Jerusalem as the third holy place after Mecca and Medina (both in Saudi Arabia) to commemorate Muhammad’s night plaque and to build two mosques on the Temple Mount – the Al-Aqsa Mosque And the Dome of the Rock to commemorate this sacrament.In the old town, there are Christian churches and Islamic mosques. There are so many attractions, but the only thing that must not be missed is the Wailing Wall. The Wailing Wall is actually a waste wall of 50 meters long and 18 meters high. It is made up of 600 or so huge stones. The walls are mottled and weeds are overgrown.However, for thousands of years, as long as the opportunity to return to the hometown is obtained, the Jews will find this retaining wall, praying in front of the stone wall symbolizing faith and suffering, and crying for the pain of exile. The "Wailing Wall" is named after it.I believe that only those who have experienced war can cherish the hard-won peace. This sentence is more vivid in Israel. In history, this land has experienced the crusade of the Crusades and the war in the Middle East. After Nirvana was born again, Israel was more exciting.|| Ark Old TownProsperous in the era of the Crusades, is the ultimate barrier of the Crusaders here. The main port of trade between Genoa, Venice and Pisa.After defeating the Crusaders, the Mamluk army destroyed the city walls and once went out to pursue the Crusaders. Thereafter, until the Ottoman Empire Governor Al-Jazzar rebuilt the city wall, and defeated Napoleon's momentum to the north.|| Tel Aviv Defence Force History MuseumOften referred to as the “never-staying city”, Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest metropolitan area and the most densely populated area in the country. The museum was converted from the old railway station in Tel Aviv and introduced the Israeli military history since the first Middle East war and exhibited a large amount of weapons and equipment.Highlights of the trip1 Visit Caesarea and experience the history of the history from Byzantium to the Sudan2 Go to the Old City of Jerusalem and feel the rhythm of the birth, preaching, and resurrection of the Holy Land, and return to the place where Jesus exercised miracles.3 Returning to the important holy place of Christianity in the Nazarene Angels Hall4 At Gabriel, visit the earliest evangelistic place of Jesus.5 Enter Safad and touch the most sturdy barrier of the Crusaders, one of the four holy places of Judaism.6 Looking at the border between Syria and Israel on the Bental Mountains, savoring the smoke of the third and fourth Middle East wars7 Visit the Church of the Nativity of Bethlehem, the birthplace of the pilgrimage to Jesus8 Suspend the miracle and experience the magical Dead Sea raftinMeet IsraelPut aside religion and see history7 days and 8 nights private group Cost includes Hotel accommodation fees listed in the itinerary Local 4-5 star hotel (double room with breakfast) The following is a reference hotel or a hotel of the same class Haifa Bay Club - an Atlas Boutique Hotel Tiberia Leonardo Tiberias Dead Sea David Resort & Spa Jerusalem Rimonim Shaolom Jerusalem Tel Aviv NYX Tel Aviv Meals listed in the itinerary Local tour guide service Arrange local exclusive vehicles Except for some special road sections due to local regulations and safety considerations Send small cars according to regulations The first big ticket for the attractions listed in the itinerary Israeli group visa fee Driver, tour guide, full wage gratuity parking fee
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10 days Dublin tour

Tour Code: IE10-001

Tour Duration: 10 Days 9 Nights.

Tour Themes: Luxury, Honeymoon, Senior, Golf, Couple

Tour Route: Dublin

10 days Dublin tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 London

Pick-up service

Day 2 Belfast

Titanic Belfast

Giants causeway

Day 3 Belfast

Royal Portrush Golf Club

Day 4 Belfast

Dublin Castle

Christ Church Cathedral

The Old Jameson Distillery

Day 5 Dublin

K Club Golf Club

Kildare Village

Day 6 Dublin


Gaillimh port

Spanish Arch

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4 days Jakarta Yogyakarta tour

Tour Code: ID4-001

Tour Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights.

Tour Themes: Luxury, Honeymoon, UNESCO, Culture History, Couple

Tour Route: Jakarta-Yogyakarta

4 days Jakarta Yogyakarta tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 Departure

Pick-up service

Day 2 Yogyakarta


Borobudur Temple

Prambanan Temple

Day 3 Yogyakarta

Kraton of Jogyakarta

Taman Sari

Sonobudoyo Museum

Day 4 Yogyakarta

Drop-off service

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9 days Paris Giverny tour

Tour Code: FR9-002

Tour Duration: 9 Days 8 Nights.

Tour Themes: Luxury, Honeymoon, Senior, Culture History, Couple

Tour Route: Paris-Giverny

9 days Paris Giverny tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 Departure

Pick-up service

Day 2 Paris


Valentine's Bridge


Day 3 Paris

Jardin Monet

Jardin des Tuileries

Musee de l'Orangerie

Day 4 Paris


Osai Museum

Day 5 Paris


Place de la Concorde

Triumphal Arch

Day 6 Paris

Palais de Versailles

Shakespeare Bookstore

Notre Dame de Paris

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9 days Paris Nice Avignon tour.html

Tour Code: FR9-001

Tour Duration: 9 Days 8 Nights.

Tour Themes: Luxury, Honeymoon, Senior, Culture History, Summer, Couple, Flower

Tour Route: Paris-Nice-Avignon

9 days Paris Nice Avignon tour.html

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 Departure

Pick-up service

Day 2 Nice

Castle Hill

Angel Bay

Day 3 Nice




Day 4 Nice

Holy cross Lake

Verdun Grand Canyon


Day 5 Nice



Day 6 Avignon

Palais des Papes

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12 days Lima Cuzco La Paz Uyuni-tour

Tour Code: PE12-001

Tour Duration: 12 Days 11 Nights.

Tour Themes: Luxury, Honeymoon, Senior, Culture History, Couple

Tour Route: Lima-Cuzco-La Paz-Uyuni

12 days Lima Cuzco La Paz Uyuni-tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 Departure

Pick-up service

Day 2 Cuzco

Temple of the Sun

Cuzco Cathedral


Day 3 Cuzco

Sacred valley

Day 4 Sacred valley


Nilda Callanaupa

Day 5 Sacred valley

Vistadome Train

Machu Picchu

Day 6 Sacred valley

Hiram Bingham Train

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7 days Christchurch Rotorua Arrowtown Wanaka tour

Tour Code: NZ7-001

Tour Duration: 7 Days 6 Nights.

Tour Themes: Kids-friendly, Luxury, Honeymoon, Senior, Festival, Food, Autumn, Couple

Tour Route: Christchurch-Rotorua-Arrowtown-Wanaka

7 days Christchurch Rotorua Arrowtown Wanaka tour

You can tailor-make the tour duration, route, themes, and cultural experiences, etc.
Day 1 Christchurch

Avon River


Day 2 Mt Cook

Mount Cook NationalPark



Day 3 Dunedin

Larnach's Castle


Lake Wakatipu

Day 4 Queenstown

TSS Earnslaw Steamship Lake Cruises


Lake Wakatipu

Day 5 Queenstown


Lake Wanaka

Day 6 Fox Glacier

Lake Matheson

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