NLT-150827-EK55479 [Sep 29, 2015,  from Canada]
Hi Emma, I just got back from North Korea, so I was not able to contact you before. I just wanted to thank you for arranging my trip to South Korea. It was a wonderful experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All of the arrangements, and accommodations were very satisfactory, and most comfortable. The itinery was packed with the most interesting events and the tour logistics just fell into place naturally. I would certainly highly recommend Novaland to anyone seeking confirmation of your suitability as a tour operator. Thank You once again and Best Regards John McAvoy
NLT-150925-BK62280 [Sep 27, 2015,  from Canada]
Hi Bruce, The tour was great. Jay was very knowledgeable and I had a great time! Thanks again John
NLT-150917-YC62036 [Sep 25, 2015]
The tours were good
NLT-150903-DJ59611 [Sep 23, 2015,  from America]
Hi Siva, We had a really nice time in Japan. We appreciated all that you did for us to make our trip enjoyable. We liked our day tours in Tokyo. I would recommend that your clients be told that the day tours are with JTB Sunrise Tours and that a JTB tour guide would meet them in the lobby. They should also be told that a shuttle transfer bus will take them to the the tour bus depot where they will then depart on their tour. The sites that we saw on the Nikko World Heritage tour and the Dynamic Tokyo tour were very good. The JAL Hotel in Aomori was okay. The hotel room we checked into was extremely small. There was hardly any room to move around. I think your clients should be advised of that. They should also be given the option of upgrading to a larger room with two double beds. Those rooms are more of a western standard size. Our private guide in Hokkaido, "Taka" was excellent. He was very well prepared with umbrellas and towels when it was rainy. He was very accommodating. We enjoyed the Oyunuma brook foot bath. We really liked our stay at the Toya Kohantei Onsen. Our lake front room was amazing. We also like the Makado Onsen Hotel. The food at all of the hotels was very good. Thanks again, Lynne Lowe
NLT-150829-EK57552 [Sep 23, 2015]
Dear Emma! Our vacation was amazing & fantastic. I really liked the tours, tour guides, hotels & transportation. I want to tell you & all other guys my great thanks!!! The only thing is that on Jeju island there were little time to visit all the places included in tours. For example, we had just 1 hour for Hallim park. But the place is really wonderful. It's good to have at least 2 hours)). I smiled a lot during our journey :) and took pleasure of every day in South Korea. I want to share my photos/videos. I uploaded them to google drive: Also, please, send to me Novaland tours post address. I want to send some gifts to you & also the tour guides I liked most of all: Daniel (Seoul City tour) & Mr. Yoon (DMZ & Suwon tours...). THANK YOU !!! p.s.: of course, if I go to Asia next year, I'll certainly use Novaland Tours!!! With best regards, Anna
NLT-150921-BK61414 [Sep 22, 2015,  from Australia]
Bruce Thanks for asking. It was tiring because we have just arrived the night before but we enjoyed every minute of it. We look forward to Suwon tour tomorrow. Rachael
NLT-150914-EK58279 [Sep 22, 2015,  from America]
Emma, Thanks for asking about our tour with you. I will be glad to respond. The man who picked us up at the airport was great! He gave us a nice talk on the way to the hotel. The man who took us to the airport did not seem to speak English. This was not so good. The tours were fine. Some of the times and directions seemed to change for the program after we got there. This is not good. Pickup time for the airport was changed the morning of pick up—not good. The hotel was fine but some of the staff did not speak much English. The location of the hotel is great. It would be nice to tell your customers like us of some of the points of interest that are within walking distance to the hotel. The night markets are nice but people may not know about them. We found the people very nice, friendly and helpful!!! I hope this helps, Don Ward
NLT-150912-MK62134 [Sep 22, 2015,  from America]
Hi Melody, we had a wonderful time and Kim was a great guide! Will be happy to post a review this weekend. Kind regards Melanie
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