NLT-150902-CJ60245 [Sep 21, 2015,  from New Zealand]
Hi Cindy Thanks for the contact. From Japan we went to Hong Kong then home to NZ but I have been home a week now. I was going to write to you any way, as I own a company and encourage feed back so we can do better. Over all you did a great job sorting out the tour and Cindy you worked hard with all my changes, so I was never going to buy from anyone else. I will answer the below for you in Red 1. How is our service throughout your tour from any aspects you feel? Such as our travel consultant, tour guide’s, drivers or others’ attitude; hotels, transportations, scenic spots’ arrangement; and any other words you would like to say to me. Cindy was just perfect, I know I was not the easiest tour to arrange but Cindy kept answer the questions and making the changes. Drivers and guides were fine and the hotels where as expected. 2. How do you feel about the food during the tour? Especially for your daughter since she has food limit. Food is a good question, everywhere there was food supplied, the operators did an outstanding job except on the Night tour in Kyoto that was a Japanese Dinning experience. This was a Dinner tour and they got it 100% wrong all my daughter could eat were the peas, a true disaster, we had to buy her Sushi when we got back to the hotel so she could have something to eat. It was like she was not expected. I would have thought that a company contracted with a focus on a Japanese Dinner ( Dinner tour) would listen to your instructions about any of your customers special dietary needs, but they did not, so it did make us feel like they did not care at all. I know you only subcontract in companies to do the jobs so it’s not Noverland directly, but it does reflect on you indirectly. Would I book another Dinner tour with Noverland? not likely as I am not confident the message would be passed on correctly. (all other tours were fine with food) The best and most Outstanding meal was the Tokyo Day trip, it probably was the Guide that made it all happen but the meal was Top Class on equal with any quality restaurant, well done to the company you contracted. The Fiji trip was well catered too. Overall more good than bad, think the Kyoto Dinner tour company needs a wakeup call or change the operator you use. 3. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? Can only suggest better communication with the companies you sub contract to do the work, particularly around Food. 3. Any other valuable comments, travel experience and happy moments you may have. You did not get the weather right on the day we went to Mt Fujiyama, very cloudy and did not see the mountain, though we were an 8am start we did not leave Tokyo until 9.15 as the company you use does a Hotel tour picking up everyone then brings them all back to a central hub for distribution. This made a late start to the day, we meet a couple on the Train to Kyoto who had been picked up from there Hotel at 8.30am and got to the mountain about an hour before us and saw it before it clouded in. Just one of those things. So if you can control the weather over Mt Fuji you will have a everyone on you tours. I know you can’t control the weather and we accept the day was what it was, got some great pictures of pictures of Mt Fuji so we know what it looks like. Kyote was magnificent and the Bullet Trains are fast Thanks Cindy
NLT-150910-YK54220 [Sep 16, 2015,  from America]
Everything has beem great
NLT-150902-BK36408 [Sep 9, 2015]
I have a lovely day in Busan. My guide is excellent and she opened up my eye to see the sights, smell the smell and taste the taste of southern South Korea uniqueness. Overall a fabulous trip and impressive view of the city. Thank you.
NLT-150831-CJ53048 [Sep 9, 2015,  from America]
Cindy I would be happy to give you some feedback. Booking a tour such as ours with an overseas firm we have never dealt with before can lead to big troubles, especially when one has to pre-pay everything upfront with no possible recourse if problems arise. However, this was certainly NOT the case with our Novaland experience. Everything was as perfect as a trip experience can be. The driver was right there on the pier in Otaru at the chosen time. He even asked some staff from the ship if we had left the ship yet. His car was impeccably clean and neat every day he drove us. He cleaned it every evening and made it look new every morning [ even though my wife and I were very respectful towards his car and left no mess inside and we wiped our feet every time we got back in to the car ]. The drive, Kakahiro Hosono, was extremely polite and his knowledge of English was in fact just ‘basic’ but that was fine. He communicated very well with us and even offered some information one would usually get only from a tour guide and not from a driver. The itinerary you put together for us was perfect, including large amounts of time for my photography in some very interesting and very beautiful places on Hokkaido. The flower fields in Furano were particularly spectacular. And the Shiroi Koibito park was amazing. I’m glad we went there since our ship did take us to the Otaru canal area and the Aoyama Family villa on Aug. 30. The Sapporo Grand Hotel was very nice; the Daiichi Takimotokan was “less nice” but still adequate. Two of our three full days with Kakahiro were beautifully sunny; the third day was rainy but we managed okay. The restaurants he offered us for lunch were actually quite good and gave us some traditional Japanese meals. And your work, Cindy, was also top notch. Your communications were punctual, informative, and very helpful. Every aspect was covered, our questions were directly answered, revisions to the itinerary were easily made by both you and by the driver. Your confirmation of payments was timely and complete and your initial proposal was very informative and helpful. One request I would make is that Novaland NOT charge a surcharge for taking payments by credit card. That is a rather “unfriendly” gesture, especially to first time customers who don’t know whether to trust a first time supplier. Paying by credit card gives the customer some assurance that, if anything goes wrong, the customer would have the support of the credit card company. Paying by bank wire can be dangerous if the supplier is dishonest; once the money is sent it is gone forever and the customer has no way to regain his loss. So, in summary, all the above things made for a very pleasant experience and I would happily recommend Novaland to others. Job well done !!! Thank you. Bob Specker
NLT-150830-LA54484 [Sep 8, 2015,  from America]
Thank you!!! for all your help. The trip was fabulous!!!! Great Job! Regards,
NLT-150823-YK60597 [Sep 8, 2015]
Hi Joanna (my father is also CC'd to the email), I apologize for getting back to you so late, but getting back from vacations is always hard :-) Firstly, I want to thank you for a wonderfully organized vacation. We did not encounter any major issues during our time in Korea, and the tours organized by you were orchestrated perfectly. Now, for more specifics on yours tours: 1. Jeju tour - as we already mentioned in a previous email, our guide (Yong, I think) did an outstanding job during our two days together. She was extremely nice, had perfect English and knew exactly how to modify our trip to make it as enjoyable as possible to us. We highly recommend her and were 110% happy with the service. 2. Seoul guide (DMZ tour and Seorak) - never in our lives have we encountered such a kind and helpful guide. He took care of ANY small detail or task during our time together, from driving, to tickets, food etc. We highly recommend him as well. Our guide and driver for the rest of the time (Busan etc until making it to Seoul) were also great, and we had no issues whatsoever. To sum up: we would highly recommend your service for anyone considering trips to Asia from Israel, and we had a wonderful time. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any additional questions. Cheers from Israel, --Gal
NLT-150827-VJ61416 [Sep 6, 2015,  from Canada]
15-09-01 Hi dear Doris, I just came back to Kyoto from Nara tour. The New Zealand tour looks very interesting and most likely I will join it. I will try to book a flight from Hiroshima to Auckland for Sept.05 so I can be in Auckland in Sept 06. By the way, which airline you like the most for Japan-New Zealand flights. I will check the flights and inform you of my booking soon. Again, many thanks for your wonderful arrangements! I will take shower now and go for dinner. Hesham 15-09-06 I just wanted to say thanks you dear Doris for all the arrangements. Right now I am traveling to New Zealand and expect to arrive tomorrow morning. Regards, Hesham
NLT-150815-YC59210 [Sep 3, 2015,  from New Zealand]
Hi Joanna , All went well in Taiwan . You have organised it very well. No hiccups at all. In Malaysia , Sarawak , at the moment, going to Singapore & back to Sydney tomorrow . Thank you very much again , for a job well done. Best regards Danny
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