NLT-151226-CJ64725 [Jan 8, 2016]
Hi Cindy! Happy New Year! Yes Cindy! We arrived home safe and sound and I praise our LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST for HIS protection and guidance! I would like to thank you for your extremely helpful attitude towards all my queries. You replied to all my emails promptly. And the most I appreciate about your service is that you brought up suggestions on how can I lessen my tour expenses. It turned out to be a good help indeed! Our driver arrived promptly and was very professional from the get-go. Though he cannot speak english language, by the help of our tour guide, he suggested stores and shops where we can buy cheap and affordable souvenirs. Our Tour Guide, Hero was also very knowledgeable about all the places we’ve visited and even give us a more interesting insights about Japanese culture and history. He answered almost all our questions eagerly. Our trip with him turned out to be a very informative one, just what we wanted it to be. Overall, our one (1) day private tour turned out to be an amazing one! I will recommended you and your agency to all of my friends and relatives. I would surely contact you and use Novaland again on my next tour. Thank you and have a good day! Judith Isla
NLT-151230-MC61754 [Jan 6, 2016]
Dear Melody: I'm enjoying Hong Kong a lot. I have on my hand the tickets and All is getting as it was planned. I 'll wait for the guide at 7:45 to the day trip to Macau and I spoke with thd guide in Guangzhou about the pick up time tl co to the airport so I'm so happy that I will trust with your company for the following trips to East Asia. Thanks and best wishes for the new year
NLT-151109-LJ62843 [Dec 30, 2015,  from America]
Dear Miss Lillian Lynn, We are returned from two weeks in Japan. We had a most exciting informative transformative trip experiencing the culture and history of your beautiful country. The arranging of our time in Kyoto both to and from as well as while we were there made our trip that much more enjoyable. Our hotel was right across the street from the main Kyoto station where the fast train dropped us off and picked us up. That alone was terrific. Our tours went without a hitch. Our trip to Himeji Castle and surrounding area was a real highlight of the trip made more so by the truly outstanding guide who took care of us from beginning to end. She was terrific. If I was your boss I would give you both a raise. Thanks again. Alan Schaeffer
NLT-151220-BK58291 [Dec 24, 2015]
Viber 交流
NLT-151212-LJ58803 [Dec 22, 2015]
Hi Lillian: We arrived safely back to Manila last Dec. 19. Thank you for arranging our trip. i would like to commend the transfer from Osaka to Kyoto. The person who drived for us named Say was bery nice and accommodating. We also would like to commend Shiba Park Hotel for their excellent PR service. Again thank you very much and Merry Christmas!
NLT-151211-DJ60075 [Dec 22, 2015]
In tour time: Greeting Siva, we have arrived in Tokyo. The driver did a great job bringing us to the apartment. We are settled in and resting, later gonging out to explore the surroundings! After tour time: Novaland travel consultant Ms Siva Dong was very knowledgeable and caring towards the planning of our first time trip to Japan. All our needs were addressed and the itinerary was communicated to all the parties involved in Japan. Ms Dong also kept in touch during changeover points in the itinerary and kept us updated on name of tour guide/driver, car license plate number, timings, etc. We felt that Novaland could look into working with tour guides who are more proficient in English as it was challenging to communicate our specific needs to the tour guide. It took quite a bit of conversation time, usage of Google Translate, and photographs to get our point across to the guide. Mr. Miyano (Tokyo leg of the trip) - he went out of his way to reconfirm our dinner reservations, make sure we got to our dinner restaurant safely and taught us how to get back to our apartment. Mr. Saitoh (Hokkaido leg of the trip) - helped to make reservations at a dinner restaurant which served Japanese delicacy - horse meat.
NLT-151210-BK58723 [Dec 20, 2015]
Worked with Novaland for my private day tour of Busan. Communicated with Bruce and he was extremely helpful from the start. Replied my emails rather promptly and was able to answer my queries sufficiently. Guide and driver arrived promptly and were very professional from the get-go. Knowledgeable and able to give us interesting insights to the local places we were visiting. Overall, the private day tour is recommended as not as rushed as group tours. I would use Novaland again. Visited December 2015
NLT-151013-ZJ61780 [Dec 10, 2015]
Dear Lynee First of all I want to apologize to you for my delay passing my comments to you. Novaland Service which was represented to us by the wonderful professional Travel Consultant Lynee Zhao, was really outstanding. I would give Lynee Zhao a score of Twelve out of Ten. I was really impressed with Lynees’ quick replies to our requests around the clock and she did her best to ensure that our tour of Japan exceeded our expectations. Lynee managed to achieve this goal successfully. I always remember your follow up calls with us when we were in Japan to ensure that everything was done as planned. Tour Guides and Tour Guides’ drivers were professional and met our expectations. We could tell that our Tour Guides were carefully selected. Hotels were outstanding to excellent to below average. Please do not send guests to Luxury Wa Hotel Kaze No Kaori. It was much below our expectations from many aspects and it will reflect negative image about your agency Novaland Tours, I wrote comments about it in My logon Id is AABDHAHRAN. My review of this hotel is written under My other hotel reviews can also be found in Transportation was smooth. However, there was a minor issue (maybe because of our ignorance), on Day 7 Oct 19 Atami-Ito and on Day 9 Oct 21 Ito-Atami we had to purchase tickets for Atami – Ito and Ito – Atami sectors. JR Employees AT ATAMI Station requested us to purchase tickets even though we showed them the cards (Atami-Ito and Ito-Atami) which you gave to us. In summary, If we ever think of touring countries in Far East, we will contact you. We will also recommend Novaland tours to our friends. Thank you.
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