NLT-150403-YK39796 [Jan 23, 2019]
Dear Joanna, Thank you so much for arranging our 7D/6N tour of Busan, Gyeongju, Andong and Jeju. I really appreciate your quick replies to my numerous queries and emails. We had a blast with Ms Kim in Busan, Gyeongju and Andong. Ms Kim is always smiling and she tells us about the places we visit, folklore and legends, too. we gossiped about Korean actors and actresses, we chitchat about K dramas. Ms Kim took us to a shop in Gukje market where we bought cheaper souvenirs. We had 2 drivers for Busan, Gyeongju and Andong. Both Mr Choi speak little English but were good. The car was comfortable, just enough for the 7 of us. When we arrived at Gimhae Airport, our luggage were sent to our hotel in a separate car. Jeju didn't impress us much, it was made worse with Cindy, who was supposed to be our tour guide for Jeju. Cindy met us with her stern face at Jeju airport. Her car was barely big enough for the 7 of us with our 7 pieces of medium size luggage. She was more concerned with her new car then being a tour guide. For the 2 days in Jeju, Cindy was just the driver, not a tour guide. Cindy would drive us to a location with little or no explanation, tell us which way to go, she would sit and wait in her new car or wait for us in a cafe. She didn't do her homework before meeting us. She asked where we are from, asked to see our itinerary. And when she spoke to us, it seemed that she was doing us a favor. Cindy should have warn us that we were to be locked up in a little room at Seongeup Folk Village to listen to the sale pitch! On our last day in Jeju, Cindy reminded me that she took 2 coastal roads for the scenic drive to our location(in our itinerary). Hotels in both cities were strategically located, places to shop and eat are near by. On the whole, the trip was good, and we would definitely use Novaland Tours again. Regards, Nanie Yang
NLT-150330-EK55248 [Jan 23, 2019,  from America]
Hi Emma, Thanks very much for checking in. I really appreciate the many thoughtful itineraries you put together for us. We had an educational, wonderful and enlightening trip. It was a memorable experience. Our drivers were very experienced and the tour guides were excellent and very accommodating in making us feel comfortable. Particularly, Young was not only a good driver, but a knowledgeable tour guide, who showed us many interesting sites, educated us about Korean culture and was very patient and thoughtful throughout our tour. The only sort of mishap we had was when we first arrived at Incheon and had to transfer to Gimpo, it was a bit stressful as our driver, Ho, didn't speak English well, and didn't know this airport well. He also accidentally dropped us off at the Gimpo International terminal to Jeju. However, he was very nice and I believe he felt very bad about inconveniencing us. He bought us drinks and donuts for our inconvenience. It was a nice gesture. I think the language barrier made it difficult. I would say if there was room for improvement, perhaps, the itinerary could specify which driver or guide was picking us up and which tour guide we would have for the next day or so. All the drivers who picked us did not speak English except for Young when we arrived from Busan. Arriving late, it was hard to be able to maneuver around to look for dinner, etc, but we managed. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Victor or Jacky Choi whom I thought I was meeting but Rachel Ko and Kim were very nice, warm, and knowledgeable. All in all, I thought it was an excellent trip and thanks so much for helping us arrange this trip for us. I really liked all the tour guides and greatly appreciated their help. Please send our special thanks to Young as we felt that he was like family and my daughter even cried on the way to the airport, saying she had missed him. I am planning a few more trips in the future and will definitely consider Novaland for our planning needs. Thanks, Nathalie
NLT-150328-FK52926 [Jan 23, 2019]
Hi Alice, We have rested well from our Korean vacation, thank you for asking. I just realized that you are not based in Seoul because when I mentioned your name to Mr. Young he hesitated for a moment and when I looked at your contact number it has a different country code. I had brought some dried mangoes for you. Maybe we will meet when I am in Hongkong? Hope that will be sooner than later. Anyway, we enjoyed our Seoul & Jeju tours despite my slow & labored walking due to an ankle fracture in November. The Hotels in Seoul are nice, clean and strategically located but a bit tight. Not your fault, but I guess it is to be expected in a busy and crowded city such as Seoul, squeezing 3 adults instead of 2 in a regular sized hotel room. If we are to go back, the two hotels would be worth going back to again. We covered quite a lot in Seoul. Mr. Young was attentive & solicitous. He would make sure we had a little snack if we're having late lunch or dinner. On the last day, he brought us to church (which is very important for us) though it was not on the schedule and had lunch at a good restaurant. Our van was new and very comfortable. The Jeju Island tour was a good one too though on some days it was raining. The schedule was adjusted to have more indoor activities. Our guide Victor knows Jeju well. However, the van he used was very old and needs a little cleaning. The next two days, we had Cindy who was engaging, perky and knows Jeju like the back of her hand. She has a keen attention to details and was quite helpful in shopping. Her minivan was new, clean and comfortable too. Overall, it was a very pleasant and insightful tour of Korea for our family. I look forward to our next tour in June 2015 of Tokyo and Hokkaido again, arranged by your company. Sincerely, Marlene
NLT-150327-YK56340 [Jan 23, 2019]
Thank you very much for well arranged tour for us. Highly appreciate it. Regards
NLT-150327-QJ54375 [Jan 23, 2019,  from Canada]
Hi James, How are you? We are now back home. We had a terrific time in Japan. Thank you. I am just busy today so I will write again tomorrow. Among the 4 hotels that you booked us in, we enjoyed best at Sotetsu Fresa Inn Shimbashi. Fantastic location, good service, clean rooms, satisfying breakfast. Please book us there next time in future. Also for all your other clients, they will be happy at Sotetsu Fresa Inn Shimbashi. Next was APA Hotel – good service and great breakfast buffet. But location is so far away from train station. Worst hotel among the four is Kyoto Plaza Hotel. It has good location and passable breakfast but the rooms are old and they smell of wet carpet and human sweat/body odor. Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en is a grand hotel but in bad need of renovations, especially the bathrooms. Bedrooms are fairly large and the breakfast buffet was sumptuous. My daughter had to hold the shower button the whole time showering because it wont hold. Anyway, I will send over the receipt for the breakfast at Hakone Hotel tomorrow… I have 265 emails to go through today. Thank you, Grace Grace Perez, Msc Research Coordinator, QI & Epidemiology Department of Family Medicine | University of Calgary Phone: +1 403 210-7129
NLT-150318-EK54956 [Jan 23, 2019,  from America]
Young is also wonderful. I placed a review on Trip Advisor. He is taking excellent care to make our Korean journey an adventure. He is an amazing, caring, kind, thoughtful, reliable, thorough in his planning and guiding. We are enjoying and learning much about Korea. He is very generous. We feel he is taking extra care with us. Appreciatively, Barbara Emma, I hope all is well with you and Mr. Young. It has been about a month from our return from South Korea. I was in a car accident and many non-essential tasks have been delayed. But I am recovering and wish to share our thoughts. Mr. Young was incredibly generous with his time, planning and guiding. Everyday was a new adventure. He extended each day with wonderful surprises and additions. He provided extensive narration in history, culture, and geography. With his educational history background, he was most interesting. and being a veteran added yet more diverse discourse. He also listened and added places and events to the tour that we did not know would be of interest. Mr. Young showed us the beauty of Korea. Had we taken a group tour, we would have not seen as much or had the kind care I think. A private tour made the trip unforgettable, and he made each day magic. When he found out we were “foodies” he made sure we ate wonderful authentic Korea that was very diverse. He was flexible to begin late on days we wished a delayed start. He included additional days, a most generous gift. He stayed with us to the airport and saw we knew where to go. Mr. Young was diligent, hard-working, clever, funny, a great driver. His English language skills were very good. If you talk with him, please let him know I am recovering from the car accident. My car was a total loss. The police and doctor told me I was VERY lucky…like the fortune teller said. (one of my favorite events.) I have recommended Novaland and Mr. Young to friends that are interested in touring Korea. Please share this communication with Mr. Young. With deep appreciation, Barbara Barkemeyer
NLT-150315-TK54196 [Jan 23, 2019]

NLT-150313-LJ50633 [Jan 23, 2019,  from America]
This is just a short note to thank you (especially) and Novaland for arranging a very nice tour of Japan for us. All the arrangements you made for us worked out perfectly, from the size of the mini-bus/van that you arranged at all our destinations with very courteous and helpful drivers, to the very knowledgeable tour guides throughout the tour. The hotels that you picked for us were all first rate - clean, well run and very accommodating. All the furnished breakfast buffets were excellent as well as the included kaiseki dinner at Kajikaso Ryokan in Hakone. Everything was memorable and the tour guides were very helpful about taking pictures of the whole group so that no one would be left out of any of the pictures they took for us. At times, we had to make minor changes to our itinerary (such as the first day when we took longer than I had anticipated getting out of the airport and had to reschedule our tour of the Osaka Castle until the next day on our way to Nara). Both tour guides did an excellent job of meeting our active schedule and I can't think of anything on the itinerary that we did not see or do. I think one of the highlights for me was the two nights at Kajikaso in Hakone, where we enjoyed the luxury and comfort of the private onsen both days and to relax in our yukata while sleeping and eating during our stay at the ryokan. I'm sure there are a lot of other highlights, such as the ladies in our group enjoying all the shopping they could fit in on the time allotted and the magnificent close-up of Mt. Fuji on a blessedly clear day, all the magnificent temples, castles and shrines that I hope my children and grandchildren will remember for the rest of their lives. We took several pictures with the Novaland pennant in them. If any of these pictures should appear in future Novaland magazine or advertisement, we would appreciate it if you can send us a copy or two. It will help us reminisce about the good time we had in Japan. Thank you for everything.
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