NLT-151220-MK63575 [Jan 23, 2019]
Hi Melody, First of all, thank you for arranging and tailoring the ground tour and transportations as per our request. It was a pleasure arranging travel itineraries with you as you were patient to understand our concerns and you attend quickly to our queries. As for the feedback: 1. How is our service throughout your tour from any aspects you feel? Such as our travel consultant, tour guide’s, drivers or others’ attitude; hotels, transportations, scenic spots’ arrangement Overall everything turned out as planned except for the hiccup that we experienced during our flight transfer from Busan to Seoul (Gimpo) due to airport system problem. Because of that we were rushed that morning due to failure to check in and was almost caused to miss our flight. But the travel consultant (Melody) attended to the matter swiftly when contacted and provided us the details requested by the airlines. She even reassured us to leave the matter to her so that we can enjoy the rest of our trip which is much appreciated. (Feedback regarding travel consultant refer above) Regarding tour guides, the Jeju tour guide (Victor) was lackadaisical for some parts but he still took us around as per itinerary and gave brief explanation of each attraction. The Busan tour guide (Kim) was excellent and was great at guiding us around and explaining in more depth the history and background of each attraction and of the city Busan itself. We enjoyed the days spent with her in Busan. As for the drivers, the one who took us from Seoul (Gimpo) airport to our hotel in Seoul is really a great help and nice even though he spoke minimal English. The one who drove us around in Busan is also great and accommodating. 2. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? No comment. 3. Any other valuable comments, travel experience and happy moments you may have. We are satisfied with the overall service and are thankful for a well planned trip. Despite the earlier apprehension of engaging Novaland Tours, our trip was well taken care of and everything was as planned. Special thanks to Melody (travel consultant) and Kim (tour guide) who offered their utmost professionalism and commitment to ensure we have a planned and memorable trip in South Korea. Appreciate your commitment in ensuring we enjoy our travel, will definitely consider Novaland Tours for our future travel plans. Have a nice day! Best regards, Janice
NLT-151218-BJ64858 [Jan 23, 2019,  from Argentina]
Hello Bruce, as I told you before, I am not in Japan . The passengers are my sons and grandson. Through the photos I think that everything was very good and the view, I think, could n´t be better. The only complain was lunch, they could n´t choose what to eat and not very good. Thank you very much, best regards Susana
NLT-151215-CJ63962 [Jan 23, 2019]
Hi Cindy, Sorry for super late reply. Been quite caught up after the trip. Overall, it was a good trip and satisfying service from your tour guide. I've also been referring your service to several friends and relatives who inquire about Japan private tour. Hope you will enlarge your service to other developed Asian countries, such as South Korea. Lastly, thanks for your satisfactorily service and hope we can be in contact again in our next trip. Regards, CAROLINE ANTHONIO
NLT-151209-XJ61402 [Jan 23, 2019]

NLT-151206-DK61734 [Jan 23, 2019,  from Australia]

NLT-151205-EK56346 [Jan 23, 2019]
Hi Emma, Sorry for the late reply, been bombarded with lot of work after returning from the long leave. It is indeed a while since we last emailed! Somehow, I missed replying emails to you and also planning a holiday! Rest assured, my family totally enjoyed the Korea trip as a whole and had a good time. Please refer to my answers to your questions below. 1. How is our service throughout your tour from any aspects you feel? Such as our travel consultant, tour guide’s, drivers or others’ attitude; hotels, transportations, scenic spots’ arrangement; and any other words you would like to say to me. - Travel consultant: Emma have been very flexible and very helpful with arranging the whole itinerary. We started contacting all the way in March and have changed itinerary multiple times especially after I found myself pregnant. Thank you so much for being so accommodating and never fails to change the itineraries as what I have expected it to be. Emma emails was also quick almost within 24 hours of reply which is always appreciated. - Tour guides: We had 2 separate tour guides for Jeju trip and for Seoul trip. Both of them had very good English and are also Koreans therefore it was easy to communicate with them which is so important as we could not speak Korean at all; a) Jeju Tour guide: Mr Victor guided us for our Jeju trip. He was a little strict with timing but I appreciate that otherwise we would have missed a lot of spots to go since it gets dark pretty early in Jeju! Mr Victor also followed the itinerary closely so each day we knew what was going to happen. We totally love the seafood place that Mr Victor recommended us. It was affordable, clean and most important, the most delicious meal we ever had throughout the whole trip! Jeju was indeed a pleasant eye opening place to be. b) Seoul Tour guide: Mr Young guided us for our Seoul trip. When we reached Seoul after Jeju flight, we were totally famished. Mr Young asked if we would like to have dinner first before he sends us back to hotel. It was such a pleasant surprise! We didn’t expect that from him especially when the itineraries that we have planned did not include any plans for dinner. He was a very very flexible man. We totally appreciated every of his recommendations especially food wise. It was a waste that we did not get to see the palace in Korea as the palace was closed on Monday. However, Mr Young recommended lots of other places in Seoul to have a spectacular view of Seoul. Mr Young was always accommodating to our requests especially food wise. He would search for the best place to eat each and every time. Mr Young was also very active that sometimes he would have totally forgotten that I was pregnant and that I could not walk/climb too much of stairs. - Hotels: The hotel that was recommended by Emma was all within our expectations. Every room was spacious enough that we kept on remembering our other families back home. Rooms were clean and I especially like their toilet bidet functions. So convenient. The hotel is Seoul was perfect as it was near the shopping area and because of that we are able to do last minute shopping before getting on the return flight to Seoul! - Transportations: The car that was provided is also big and spacious for the 4 of us. We totally love that the cars are new and clean. Both tour guides drive safely and at the speed that are acceptable to us. The car boot was also spacious enough to fit all of our bags. Since it is winter, we packed quite a few bags even the tour guide was surprised with the amount of bags we brought each. 2. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? I am not too sure if it was communicated to the tour guides that I was pregnant. I think it was communicated but because I was just about 4 months into the pregnancy my belly doesn’t show that much so I guess the tour guides would have forgotten that I was indeed pregnant. The tour guides do walk fast! Sometimes I could not catch up with the tour guides especially if they are walking up the slope as I was trying to catch my breath. Otherwise, I guess Nova Land have done a good job. 3. Any other valuable comments, travel experience and happy moments you may have. - Travel experience: It was an experience that I can never forget and a little frustrating at the customs when we first reached Korea. I can’t really blame the customs because after getting pregnant, I do put on a couple of weight and my face looked swollen upon touching down especially my nose. So I was pulled aside into a room and was interviewed. The custom officer keeps on taking my photo. The worst thing is the officers could not speak good English and so could not tell me what their concern was. Thankfully, I understand their Korean, and I just pointed on my tummy trying to explain that I am currently pregnant. After that, they then let me go. I hope my comments are not too long winded for you to read. I am looking forward to planning the next trip with nova land again in near future. My husband would like to visit Japan someday and we may just take nova land service again. Cheers, Liana ^^Y
NLT-151108-BK59239 [Jan 23, 2019]

NLT-151102-YK61781 [Jan 23, 2019]

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