NLT-141016-CJ39950 [Jan 23, 2019]

NLT-141012-LK35267 [Jan 23, 2019,  from Australia]
Hi Lillian, Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. Thank you for organising out holiday which was enjoyed by all. No hiccups but perhaps a few comments both positive and negative. · Seoul – Plaza Hotel perfect location although the transfer driver had trouble finding it, we drove around the block twice as there is no obvious signage at the front. View from the room to the Palace etc was wonderful. First two days tours were perfect and informative good guide. The DMZ was very informative and a great experience. Our guide was not aware that we were taking the train and did not have the tickets, he had to call your office and have them sent to the hotel. The tour on our return to Seoul to the Changedeokgung Palace was good where the guide provided a lot more information which built on the first guides details of the palaces. However, the Fortress visit was disappointing as the guide seemed to rush us and we saw only the wall near the carpark and were not made aware of the extent of the fortress nor did we use the train/tram to go the hill area. · Gyeongju Station- taxi drivers were most helpful and organised 2 taxis. Yangdong a bit disappointing as unfortunately most of the good houses were not open. Anapji Pond (at dusk) was great, Tumuli Park interesting. Heinsa Temple was a long way to go but again interesting. Although we added the Persimmon Wine Tunnel to our itinerary it was the most disappointing of our whole trip and therefore we cannot recommend people to go there. · Busan – Haeundae Hotel was a very tired and we suggest you find other hotels. Tongdosa Temple was an experience as it is an operating temple with Monks going about their daily prayer rituals, which we were able to be involved in. Our airport transfer guide to go to Jeju had a sign in Chinese which we could not read and therefore we ran nearly 1hr late and nearly missed our flight. It is essential that these mistakes do not happen. · Jeju – Our guide was absolutely perfect and we can recommend her highly. She rearranged our itinerary to suit the weather and added to and took away sites as if she knew what our preferences would be and this was perfect. Trick Art Museum, Loveland (added by our guide), Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Manjang Cave, Mysterious Road were all great, Hallim Park however was disappointing. I again thank you for your organisation and wish you well in your career. Kind regards and have a nice day Peter
NLT-141010-EK39367 [Jan 23, 2019]
Hi Emma, Sorry for the late reply. Was busy this 2 weeks. Anyway how are you. Hope you are fine! We are very glad and happy with the tour arrangement. Everything went smoothly and glad that the local guides are friendly and helpful. Please read my remarks as below on your questions… 1. How is our service throughout your tour from any aspects you feel? Such as our travel consultant, tour guides, drivers or others’ attitude; hotels, transportation, scenic spots’ arrangement; and any other words you would like to say to me. - The arrangement of tour was great. Everything went smoothly. Flexible and no rush. - Local guides. a. Busan “Ms. Kim”: She was very friendly and we have a great time with her. She accompany us all the way during our tour. Her English is not the best but we don’t mind at all as we understand what she tell us. b. JeJu “Mr Victor” : I was surprise when I meet him at the airport. I was expecting a Korean local guide and when I meet him only get to know that he was a Russian who leave in Korea for more than 15 years. I don’t mind at all and was surprise that he is very informative especially in Jeju. He is very friendly and helpful and show us around during the tour. One thing I like to touch is that the transport “Van” is old but still comfortable. c. Seoul “Mr Yong” : I have to say this first. Among all the local guides. Myself and my friends specially likes Yong allot. He is friendly, patient, informative, funny and moreover he know what we want most. He will ask us what we would like to do especially on local foods in which we have not tried on Korea. I can say during our tour we treat him as a friend more than a local guide. Please do say HI to him for me!!! Local Operator “Ms. Emma” : Hi Emma. Thank you so much for your patient and guidance with us for planning our trip. I know that we have ask allot of things and change allot in our itinerary especially on hotels and also the quotation and we are glad that even we demand allot of things you show your patient and willingness to help in our planning of the tour. A million thanks to you. J You have really show your helping hand to us and we really appreciate it. Should have meet you in Seoul if I have a chance to treat you Caffe Bene J. Thank you again and hope can work with you again. 2. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? Operation side for planning and reverting emails and quotation I can say you are splendid in this field. The proposal was straight forward and informative. Local operator was helpful and show her concern on planning the trip. Not much I can say on this just keep up the great job. There is one thing that can improved which is during local flight check in and also boarding the KTX train . It will be great that information is provided on how and where to check in. For us we are able to manage and ask around but it will help allot if guidance is provided prior to check in. The KTX Train boarding ticket shown in local Korean language and we do not know where exactly to board the train until we are guide by other people. This will help allot if prior guidance is provided. 3. Any other valuable comments, travel experience and happy moments you may have. I think I have elaborate my experience as above. Overall I can say I’m happy with the service. Great job and keep it up. Will surely recommend to my friends and colleagues. Thank you and have a great day. Hope we can work again in the near future. Arik Kong
NLT-141003-YK39702 [Jan 23, 2019,  from America]

NLT-140914-CK34764 [Jan 23, 2019]

NLT-140902-MK50123 [Jan 23, 2019]
Hi Melody, Thanks for the regards, we've reached safely and settled down already. My review of this trip is as below: 1) Service wise, everything was pretty smooth from the beginning till the end of my trip, apart from my encounter with one of the Sunbee hotel staff who was a little rude, but that's just a small issue. I would like to specially point out that Robert was extremely welcoming of us and made sure that all our needs were met (one of the days we requested for him to drop 2 of us at the hotel, the other 2 at a shopping district which was out of the way but he agreed immediately). I'm really glad it was Robert who brought us around. Not to forget, thank you for accommodating to my requests. Both of your efforts have definitely made our first trip to Korea a memorable one. 2) Hotels wise, I would wish for more details to be given by you since we have no prior experience. Firstly in Ever hotel, we weren't allocated rooms on the same floor and we weren't informed beforehand. The hotel staff did her part on explaining, but we felt that it would have been better if we were given a heads up rather than only getting to know upon arrival. Whereas in Sunbee hotel, most of the days our rooms were not cleaned while we were out. We received calls from the concierge asking if we wanted our rooms to be serviced after we returned. I absolutely do not understand this. Shouldn't rooms be serviced while we were out? And where were we supposed to go if we needed room service? Stand outside and wait? That would be a little weird, isn't it? There was once we returned after the morning tour to find our rooms unserviced. After a while, the room service lady came in for a quick clean up. Once she was done, we left for dinner. To our surprise, we came back to see our beds were made. We had no prior knowledge that they were gonna come back to make our beds again so we left our valuables around in the room before heading out for dinner. Shouldn't we be informed that this was gonna happen so we can make sure to lock our valuables up before leaving? Is the hotel gonna take responsibility for any loss? Apart from the aforementioned hiccups, the hotels were no frills products and we do not get anything lesser (or more) than what we paid. Rooms were spacious and had all the necessities, staff at Sunbee (except the one I mentioned in point #1) were also extremely friendly, breakfast was fine though I wished there were more varieties. 3) All in all, this trip has been a great one and I am satisfied with the service your agency has provided. If there is a chance, I would definitely love to work with you again. Thanks for being a great help Melody! May you have a great year ahead. :) Regards, Weiyi
NLT-140824-MK36575 [Jan 23, 2019]

NLT-140806-CJ39019 [Jan 23, 2019]

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