NLT-180715-YK98770 [Jul 31, 2018]

We had an enjoyable time in Seoul !. It had been a happy, exciting  and something different 5 day tour. Despite the heat I must say we thoroughly  enjoyed ourselves.


Much credit must go to Mr. Youngsik Youn our tour guide who had been very helpful and most accommodating not to mention friendly and patient! His ability to speak English was of great

help and he was able to answer most of our questions.


NLT-180712-YK100781 [Jul 31, 2018]
We have returned back following our trip to South Korea and I would like to thank you for arranging it. It was a great tour and we saw many of the tourist attractions that the country has to offer. The accommodation was good located in excellent locations and allowed us to explore freely. I have to say that we both particularly liked the Skypark hotel, so thank you for that.
NLT-180725-HJ93059 [Jul 30, 2018]


It has been quite good. 

NLT-180713-QK94772 [Jul 30, 2018,  from America]
Dear James, we survived ahaha. We need to return the device. We are flying from terminal 1. Is the place wher you want us to drop is in terminal 1? Many thanks for your help, your professionalism! We had a great time despite the little problem.  Best Mc 
NLT-180609-QK85411 [Jul 30, 2018,  from America]
I am sorry that I have not written soon about the wonderful trip we had to SK.  Everyone was delightful and informative. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is interested in visiting a beautiful and ancient country.

The reason for my delay was due to a medical emergency shortly after I returned home. I am now on the mend after surgery and looking forward to things getting back to normal

Have a great day.
NLT-180728-FJ96453 [Jul 29, 2018]
[晚上8:16, 2018年7月29日] Alice: Hi Shin, how is your tour today?
[晚上9:18, 2018年7月29日] Shin: We enjoyed it despite the hot weather!

[下午5:21, 2018年8月1日] Alice: Dear Shin, how is your two days climbing Mt Fuji tour? Have everyone made to the top?
[下午5:22, 2018年8月1日] Alice: How about the rest 3 members, have they enjoyed their seat in coach tours?

[晚上6:05, 2018年8月1日] Shin: All of us made it up to the summit. It was tough! 
Yes, I believe my 3 friends had a good time, too.
NLT-180709-NK94555 [Jul 24, 2018,  from America]
Hi Nick, 

Thank you for the offer, I will send the pictures as soon as I can.  We had a wonderful trip and the guides were very helpful.   Especially Jade Kim from Busan.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a guide.  My two daughters had a blast.  We had no problems with the itinerary you created and everything went according to plan.  


NLT-180720-EJ101570 [Jul 21, 2018]
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