NLT-140515-TK32124 [Jun 3, 2014,  from America]
Yoon, our tour guide/driver was the best! He was always on time, courteous, always very enthusiastic, had good knowledge and information on places we visited, he seemed to know people all over the country. He was an excellent interpreter whom we used to interact with non English speaking Koreans we met. We saw all the places we wanted to see and didn’t feel rushed. Yoon always had a good place for lunch that featured the local areas foods. The Pacific Hotel was at least a 5 star establishment. Great location, extremely courteous staff, wonderful rooms, very good breakfast. The Concorde Gyeongju was a 2 star or lower, although the staff was courteous, the hotel is outdated and extremely run down, no air conditioning, very little maintenance or upkeep apparent. The Daegu Inter-Burgo was probably a 3 star The Haeundae Grand Hotel was probably 4 star, was very nice and in a good location. Very good breakfast meal. We would highly recommend NovaLand Tours to others based on our experience. We appreciate your (Tina’s) arrangements in making this a perfect trip. I feel we definitely got our money’s worth. 2. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? Better hotel selection in Gyeongju.
NLT-140430-TK34839 [May 28, 2014,  from America]
Dear Tine,Thank you for all your hard work.To say that we loved our trip would be and u deer statement.My daughter Joy and I had a life time of memories.Living here in Hawaii I have many Korean friends.I know the can be loud and pushy,and always have druama in their lives,but once your friends,forever friends. joy and I did more than the trip allowed,we went to the theater,out to dinner with Koreans we met,stayed another 2 days to enjoy the mountains and ocean. Thank you again for making this 80 year olds dream come true. Rose Meece Joy Marr mom 1. How is our service throughout your tour from any aspects you feel? Over all my Mom & I were very lucky- we had a guide to ourselves many days, and the other couple we joined up with was great fun and good company –so with only 4 of was a pleasure It would have been nice to know I was arriving during a big big holiday week… and that the travel would be a bit longer due to the traffic!! Not that it would of made me change but just to know and expect it Tina and staff kept track of our tour and our end of trip shuttles, and tried to find alternative tours in other parts of the country for us..when we were on our own 2. Such as our travel consultant, tour guide’s-other than a few small times that the language barrier got in the way I felt the service was very good. drivers or others’ attitude; hotels,- I really liked the Pacific Hotel.. it was the best mix of quite, calm and good service with helpful and quality staff. The Grand Hotels in Busan & Jeju were too big and not as warm tho Jeju was very welcoming and tried hard to be helpful, shuttles were organized and on time. Transportations- our driver for Busan was not very helpful or talkative- but our guide “joy” was very good- this day was very long too due to Budda’s birthday I wanted to end early but it was hard to get the guide to understand that it was OK to cut our tour short –it was what we wanted… even though it was not how the day was scheduled..another cultural & language barrier thing- they wanted to be sure we got our tour and they did it right but we were sooooo tired…. Transportations for the most part all went well, I enjoyed the KTX very much, and the subway and even long distance buses… local people were helpful with taxis and bus fares-plane to Jeju was good flight and easy on & off at the airports scenic spots’ arrangement; and any other words you would like to say to me. I enjoyed the history though out the tour- the DMZ was much more interesting than I thought it would be, and the temples & traditional villages were great. We ate Korean every day and I really enjoyed all the meals… OF all of them –the Pacific Hotel has the best breakfast buffet- mostly all Korean foods 2. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? I was not excited about the last minute stop at the cosmetic place… it had been a very long day –we were all in agreement that we were done and ready to go back to the hotel, but no… our Guide Chul did not know how to get to the location and was surprised himself… not sure why this was added last minute… 3. Any other valuable comments, travel experience and happy moments you may have. Travel was pretty easy, through out the country, locals were truly friendly and generous- I really liked seeing the Budda temples on Jeju and in Seoul
NLT-140512-YK37784 [May 21, 2014,  from United Kingdom]
Dear Joanna. The trip to Busan was excellent. The transport, my tour Guides (Chool Kyun, Kim and Tai hoon Kwon) were efficient and caring. The programmes were very good. I seem to remember mentioning to you that the tours seemed a bit expensive; I had not appreciated that the guides were personal drivers; I had expected to be on some sort of bus but instead, we had a private personal service that explains the cost and it was worthwhile. The Indy Guest House was good and I enjoyed the experience with the young people who were there. The girls at the desk were delightfully friendly and helpful. The experience was much better than what I would have had at a standard American Hilton and really the costs were small. Everything was clean and well organised: I like making my own breakfast! Joanna dear, thanks for organising the trip: it was just what I wanted. I will bear you in mind if I make another Far East adventure. Keep me informed of any particular holidays that Novaland may be offering. Love REG
NLT-140403-JK35097 [May 11, 2014]
Hi Peggy, I am well, Thank you very much. Overall, I was very satisfied with your services, and we had a really good time in Jeju Island. Thank you so much for your wonderful service :) Here is my full review: From my first contact with Novaland Tours, I was very happy with the communication - it was fast and efficient. My initial enquiry was answered in just a few hours - and within the next 24hours I was already given a tentative itinerary. I opted for a private tour for me and my 3 friends to Jeju Island, and Novaland gave me suggestions and plenty of flexibility to customize my tour. Each of my email was always replied by Novaland within 24 hours. Price was also very reasonable considering it was a private tour. I was initially slightly nervous transferring the money to a foreign account, but the payment all went smoothly. With regards to our tour, we had Mr. Hyung Dong Hak, a local Jeju native as our tour guide/driver. He was very knowledgeable about the area, and even took us to places that were not included in the itinerary as we were interested in learning more about Jeju Island. His enthusiasm and passion about Jeju Island really shows, which made us enjoy the tour even more. He took a lot of extra time and effort to do all this, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank him very much on his excellent services and would highly recommend him if anyone wants a good English tour of Jeju Island. If I were to suggest on anything to improve, it would be perhaps to keep clients updated regarding bookings etc. I was quite nervous after transferring the money and then never hearing anything from Novaland about our tour bookings, though whenever I asked Novaland reassured that the bookings are all done. Perhaps it would be best to forward us all the details of the bookings - e.g. flights earlier rather than waiting exactly 1 week before the tour. Thank you so much Novaland for arranging one of the most memorable trips of my life. If I have any more future trips, I would certainly consider your services in the future.
NLT-150329-YJ36122 [May 8, 2014]
Hi Joanna, We just want to give our overall feedback on our Japan tour experience and the tourist guide. Though Lily, our tourist guide seems to be a nice person, she doesn't seem to be fit for an English-speaking group. I'm not sure if she doesn't understand English well or she is not really familiar with Japan. Or maybe she just doesn't care. After all, she is not Japanese. She can't answer basic questions such as where will we see Cherry Blossoms and when did it start to bloom. I asked her if it is colder in Mt. Fuji than in Tokyo and she can't even answer. She can't even recommend where best to eat. She's also not familiar with the places and asks around the mall. She doesn't really talk to us and we didn't learn anything from her about the country, like a local person can do. Worst, she talks to the driver the entire time of the tour in Chinese dialect. We of course expect her to show us around even while in the car. She seems to be very conscious of the time and we feel that the tour must really end on her specific time. We are really disappointed especially comparing it to our experience with Mr. Young of Korea. He is a local, speaks English well, he knows a lot, very friendly, passionate with his work and treats us like his friend. I think the key here is aside from being good in English, it is best to get a local tour guide who loves his or her country and is passionate to promote it. Thank you, Aiem
NLT-140501-YK36122 [May 8, 2014]
Dear Joanna, Thank you for your email. We had an amazing trip in Seoul! :) First of all, I would like to thank you for being prompt in replying to my email / questions. You were very accommodating and clear, and I really appreciate that. Secondly, I would like to commend our tour guide, Mr. Young. He is great and we really like him! :) He is very accommodating, nice and friendly. He also speaks English fluently. We can feel his love for his country and we started to appreciate the beauty of Seoul thru him. He also gives very good suggestions like where and what to eat! :) We enjoyed eating in Seoul so much! :) Lastly, kindly note that we availed of an additional 1-day tour from Mr. Young. Kindly check the details from him. Thank you and we look forward to arranging our next trip with you. We actually plan to go to Japan next year! :) Best regards, Aiem
NLT-140331-TK36179 [May 8, 2014,  from America]
Tina, sorry for the delay but the 17 days on the return cruise left us without a good option for doing email (without high charges). So, we have been home for one week and now catching up with important email.....such as with you. We value the arrangements that you made for us. Charlie was an excellent tour guide and driver. I especially liked the idea that there was another person along who could converse in English (she was from Brazil and good in English). The hotels were fine and represented good choices. The hotel in Daegu was much more convenient than the first suggestion. I recommend it to you. Jung Chung-IL and the drivers: the tour company president and the next day his brother, were fine and did their best to give us a safe and pleasant tour experience. Jung was very well informed and taught us a lot. His English was good enough but we had to work as going slowly and clearly as well. Maybe within the next few years we would like to see parts of Thailand, Vietnam and China. Would certainly expect to see something of Hong Kong as well as where you are located. Then perhaps to Shandong Province to see where my Great Grandfather's sister was a missionary for 20 years. All the best, Donald Little
NLT-140413-TK32391 [May 3, 2014,  from America]
Dear Tina: I just returned home from our trip to Asia. After taking your tour in Seoul we also spent time in Vietnam and Cambodia. Thank you for making our time in South Korea so enjoyable. Our tour guide was always on time, very knowledgable and a delightful host in showing us the city of Seoul. Novaland Tours is a very professional organization and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in traveling to Asia. Thank you Harold Hall
NLT-140413-CK33084 [Apr 30, 2014,  from America]
Hi Cindy Thanks for organizing the tour for us. First of all - our compliment to you. From the first contact you have been a joy to work with. Your are professional and very serviceminded. Except our gratitude. Everything worked out very well and we had a great time in Korea. The hotels was very good, both standard and localitations. The service in the hotels and from the drivers was excellent. Nothing to complain about. The guided tours in Seoul and in Busan was also very good, lots of interesting places to visit and small groups, that gave us lots of time to ask questions and take foto. Specially mention the 73 years old guide Joung in Busan - he was absolutely great. The first day he guided just the three of us in his private car! If I should give a little negative feed back I might mention the guided tours at Jeju. The groups were too big 35 and 36 people. The first day was quite stressing. The guide walked very fast, gave us noe time to foto. Since the group was so big, and everyone wasn't able to walk as fast as the guide, the group was stretched out. The guide didn't wait for the whole group to gather up before she informed about the seeings. So a lot of the group got no info at all. The second day was a little bit better, but the group was also here to big. Smaller groups would be better. This is just a little constructiv feed back About the misunderstanding in Busan. Since I'm private in a middle of a moving process I had disconected my printer, so I didn't bring the arrangements in hard copy, but I had all the travel information on my tablet. Since both my friends had printet out the info it was easier that one of them kept us daily "updated". Unfortunately she missunderstood the pick up arrangement from the hotel in Busan. She mixed with the Jeju pick up, saying that we would be picked up by the hotel shuttle bus - thought that was in Busan. She asked the reception at the Busan hotel and they confirmed that it was a airport transportation at 2:00PM, but they recommended that we took the 1:30 PM shuttle, which we did. So that's the reason, sorry about that, given you all the trouble. Give also our excuses to the driver. All in all, we are very pleased with the arrangement. This was the first time anyone of us used a non-norwegian company for a tour in Asia and we will have no problem recommending your company to others. Ufortunately (for you) have we already visited all the other countries you mention. Thanks again for arranging a great vacation for us. Greetings from Norway Lill, Torill and Sidsel
NLT-140321-LJ31638 [Apr 29, 2014,  from Australia]
Hi Lillian, Have only just returned from our holiday. Many thanks for all your arrangements. They worked very well and we did enjoy ourselves and felt we saw a lot of Seoul. The Korean dinner and show were most enjoyable, Might I suggest that you let future people know that you have to sit on the floor for the meal, my husband has had a hip done and he felt a little uncomfortable, had to keep moving around. The food was very good but it would have been nicer if the lovely waitress could have spoken english and let us know just what we were eating. The Hotel Sunbee was in an excellent position and very handy to everything. The tour guides were all good and spoke reasonable english and made sure we didn't miss out on anything. All pickups were on time and we never had to worry about anything All in all Lilllian you did an excellent job and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your services to anyone I know who wishes to visit Korea or the Asian countries. The Nanta show was most enjoyable, we had never heard of it before and would never have thought of going to it without you to advise us. Lillian again many thanks Val & Barry Simmonds
NLT-140407-LK35989 [Apr 25, 2014,  from America]
Dear Lillian, Our trip o Jeju was very good. Our tour arrangements were well organized and we had good weather so we could enjoy our travel on ttheTours. The planned schedule, the Hotel and the transportation were all very good and on schedule. Thanks for your assistance. Sincerely, Don Dippe
NLT-140406-TK35399 [Apr 23, 2014,  from Sweden]
Hi Tina! We were so happy and pleased with the trip as a whole! Everything's fine with all of us, including the baby :) Apart from one small error, it said in our itinerary that our Jeju tour started at 9.30 in the morning, so we got quite startled when the tour guide called our room at 8.30 and wondered where we were? But everything worked out fine and everything else was over all expectations! I'll try to answer as thoroughly though to the questions below: I only have positive comments on all of this, from tailoring our trip, to the guides (Mrs Kim in Busan was truly amazing! So friendly, knowledgable, everything! She is the best!) everyone we came across we're very friendly and spoke good English. Only thing there might be to comment on was the breakfast service at Toyoko Inn/Busan. It was so crowded and a lot of people that we almost didn't make it before the tour. I know that this isn't your fault, but it was a bit annoying. Also in Jeju at the ever hotel. Their breakfast was delicious but only on for one hour - between 7-8! A little bit too short we thought. But everything else, too notch! For me it was a very special trip since it was my first back to Korea where I was born. It was overwhelming in many ways, but all in a positive way. Everyone we met were so friendly and saw me as a Korean and your people were also part of this whole experience. I will definitely go back!
NLT-140315-TK34928 [Apr 15, 2014,  from America]
Dear Tina, Thank you so much for all your help. We had a great time in Korea. The hotels in Busan and Jeju were really nice. Eventhough the Pacific Hotel in Seoul is not as nice as the other two, the room and bed were small, but the location was awesome. Our tour guides were excellent. Mr. Lee Chul Kyun in Seoul was so caring and nice. He took good care of my 80 years old mom. I booked the Nanta show, he even walked me to the theater making sure that I know my way there and back to the hotel. My mom and I were so touch by his thoughtfulness. Ms. Suh, Hyang Kyung in Busan was awesome too. She is very patient, kind and cheerful. Ms. Rachel from Yeha big group tour in Jeju was excellent also. All the drivers were careful and nice . Novaland makes us feel like VIP guests. Thanks for making our trip an unforgettable. I sure will recommend Novaland to friends and family.
NLT-140408-YK36580 [Apr 11, 2014,  from Canada]
Hello, Yes, we had a great time. Thank you very much for your hospitality, we are very appreciative of your help. Our tour guide was excellent and extremely helpful and accommodating. We did get lost and they were brought back to the tour with acceptance and grace. Many thanks, Kindest Regards, Deborah Bertram
NLT-140321-LK35065 [Apr 10, 2014,  from America]
Hi Lillian. Thanks to you, for your patience and your expertise, our visit to Korea was very pleasant. The tour guides, drivers, the agent in Seoul office (I am sorry I forgot her name) were wonderful and very attentive. Only one "very minor" issue was the tour guide that I had could not tell me much about the places that we visited.....or may be there was not much to tell?! Other than that, he was great. I give a thumb up for everyone and will definitely recommend you and Novaland Tours to all my friends and will again seek for your assistant on my next trip to Asia. Sincerely, Natalie Phuong
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