NLT-180601-RK98455 [Jun 13, 2018,  from Poland]
Everything was perfect. Thank You very much.
Ps Do You do Tajwan as well?
NLT-180603-XJ98683 [Jun 6, 2018]

Hi Caroline, 

We got the pocket wifi already. We are enjoying Hokkaido. Ourdriver, Mr. Nori Ohta, is very courteous & prompt. Thank you for beingefficient & hardworking! 

Thanks Caroline! 


NLT-180528-MJ96005 [Jun 4, 2018,  from America]
Hi, Melody,

We had such a fun and interesting experience with the traditional tea ceremony! The hostess was so gracious and knowledgeable of the event. She also asked a volunteer to do the ceremony which our young Emily demonstrated. Yes, the cost was as you said and Mr. Tanaka even showed me the receipt.
By the way, Mr. Tanaka also returned to us 7,000yen as we did not go anymore to the aerial gardens the first day. We were tired from  all the walking and seeing 2 gardens already!
Thank you for Mr. Tanaka who took us to the major historical sites of Osaka and Kyoto! He was well versed on the history of Japan and such a pleasant person to be with. He brought us to restaurants that had authentic Japanese cooking frequented by the locals.
Again thank you for the wonderful experience of Japan.
Nenette, Dennis and company

Hi, Melody,

This message came after the trip as I brought a new i-pad and It asked for the password which I couldn’t retrieve. So sorry for not answering or telling you about the excitement everyone had on our trip till now!

Well, I told you how happy we were with Mr. Tanaka!
Our guide in Tokyo, Max, for short,  and Mt. Fuji was just as good! He introduced us to a couple of heritage sites in Tokyo, took us around the city and to places we’ve heard of about Tokyo! However, the trip to Mt Fuji was met with rainy weather. We did still get to the 5th summit and Get to be by its side! Then we did get a fantastic view of Mt Fuji on our way to the lake. We got to see beautifulviews on the boat ride by the lake! 
Another excitement for us all was the bullet train ride to Osaka, a first for all of us!
Melody, thank you indeed, for arranging for us this  Japan vacation! We were all pleased with the accomodations with breakfast to start our day! The hotels were so neat!

We had a great time! 
Nenette, Dennis, and group

NLT-180517-MJ94768 [Jun 4, 2018]
Hi Melody
Yes we are home after a good time. The grading is appended below AND the pictures are in a zip file above. Actually I already arranged them in order of viewing but you can rearrange anyway you like.

One small point, at the hotel in Noboribetsu there was a small tax which had to be paid in cash as they said it was not included in the room. Only 300 yen but you may wish to take note of it for future bookings as some customers may be surprised by the addition especially if it is a per night charge ( im not sure of this as we only spent 1 night there)

Best Regards



Travel Consultant   5



Tour Guides

Command of English   3



Knowledge of Subjects 4



Ability of Explain   3



Attitude   5



Flexibility  5



Drivers and Cars   4




                Location     3 and 5(sapporo)



              Comfort  3 and 4



Sights or Activities

            Worthiness of Visit         4



          Meet Your Interests?                4



Too Tight or Too Loose?     4






Public Transportation (train, flight, cruise, etc.)    4



Any Other Aspect



Overall Score of the Whole Package    4

NLT-180521-XJ93576 [May 30, 2018]
Hi Caroline,

We arrived safely this midnight and we are all happy with everything, despite the minor issue that we had on our last day in Osaka (We all hope the original driver is ok and nothing bad happened to him/her). It was well compensated last Saturday and we appreciate the quick changes and assistance from you and Ayumi-san. Best tour guide was Ayumi-san and best driver Shirotae. Shirotae went well and beyond customer service by giving us a chance to cross Shibuya crossing and take pictures with Hachiko on our last day, despite the on-going construction. If you can please send me the survey form that I can fill out so I can send our commendations to everyone that made our tour memorable.

Thanks again for the tailored tour and flexibility for sudden changes and requests, especially the Mt Fuji tour. Really appreciate it. Thank you and we hope to have you as our coordinator on our next tour, hopefully next year in South Korea (Seoul and Busan). Arigatou gozaimasu                                   </section>
        <hgroup class=
NLT-180526-EJ97700 [May 29, 2018]
NLT-180525-FA91703 [May 26, 2018,  from America]
Hi Alice,
On behalf of my family, I just wanted to extend our gratitude for planning a wonderful vacation in Japan & Korea. Other than the miscommunication at the Gion corner show (which was their fault completely), everything went fairly smoothly, and we were very happy with the accommodations, the driver/guides, and the transportation. The wheelchairs worked out well for my mom, also. I appreciate your availability on Facebook. That was very helpful. And of course, throughout the entire booking process, you have been very easy to deal with. I really appreciate good customer service!
The only comment I wanted to add was that our airport drivers (from Day 1 in Tokyo and Day 4 in Osaka) did not speak English as I thought they would. Luckily our fellow traveler Catharina is fluent in Mandarin, so she was able to communicate with them for us. Just wanted to share that information with you.
Anyway, we would definitely use Novaland again for any future tours to Asia. We will recommend to our friends and family.
NLT-180503-ZK96619 [May 25, 2018,  from America]

Hello Lynee,

Everything is going well. We are in Busanat the end of a busy day of touring with a good guide, Sarah. Our only wish isthat the weather is warmer and especially that the wind will stop blowing sohard!  But that wish is beyond our control. We have been met by guides atthe planned times. The schedule is working. South Korea is a lovelycountry. 

Our Seoul guide was terrific. His name isYoung. He will meet us again before we leave. We will meet our next guide, JadeKim, in two days.

Thank you, 

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