NLT-160424-FJ67174 [Apr 26, 2016]

We are very much enjoy our tour. 


Himiss alice,
Ill take this opportunity to say thank you for your  service you providedus when we are in japan.we really had fun except for the accident.but we arethankful that everyone was fine specially mr.tanaka because he was bang by thewindow during the was very polite too,he spoke english well andwe were educated by him about japan.
Again thank you novaland and miss alice chen.
Till next time! Godbless.

NLT-160420-YK65641 [Apr 26, 2016,  from America]
Thank you Joanna for arrangements in Jeju. Excellent hotel and sights. Hood to do business with you again in the near future! Jason.
NLT-160413-BJ67247 [Apr 16, 2016,  from America]
Hi Bruce, the tour was great, we both had a great experience and Kumiko (I believe that was her name) was very knowledgable and very good guide. We enjoyed the textile shop, and the shrines and temples were very enjoyable as well. All in all it was a success! Thank you!
NLT-160408-BK68713 [Apr 14, 2016]
by Whatsapp It was great everyday, we enjoy everything! tour guide was passionate and delivered lots information. Thanks a lot for everything!
NLT-160328-VJ63654 [Apr 13, 2016,  from Australia]
Hi Doris sorry to take so long to get to this – back home again and back at work. In terms of feedback on the trip - Everything worked fine and the bookings were all good. In Tokyo the hotel was very good – location and comfort were up to our standard. the Hakone Hotel as excellent – probably the best quality of the 3 The Kanazawa hotel was disappointing – the rooms smelt of smoke and were not as comfortable – we probably would have paid more for a better standard of hotel – the location was fine. The Japan Rail pass worked well and the cherry blossoms were in bloom ! many thanks J
NLT-160401-EK68412 [Apr 12, 2016,  from America]
Emma was an excellent consultant: knowledgeable, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. We enjoyed all the places we were taken to.
NLT-160313-YK68060 [Apr 12, 2016,  from Canada]
Joanna, your service is excellent, quick and prompt responses from our first contact - it is much appreciated that you could finalize our 1-day tour in such short notice. Patrick Park was polite and knowledgeable and we were able to see all the sites we requested in our 1-day tour.. Patrick arrived at 9am and we had mistaken that we were being picked up at 9:30am so our friends were a little late arriving at the Reception that morning, but Patrick was very patient with us. We must have caused Patrick a little "stress" as we had packed quite a lot in a day! Please extend our thanks to Patrick. The experience at the "Clam Tent" was great.. all the live seafood and having it cooked right in front of us... Gamcheong Village, Taejongdae and Haedong Yonggung Temple - all beautiful places to visit.. and the Korean Traditional Hanbok experience at the Busan Museum was really interesting! Would highly recommend to all visitors to Busan!
NLT-160328-JJ66834 [Apr 8, 2016,  from Slovakia]

1=poor,2=fair,3=good, 4=very good5=excellent



Advice or Remark

Travel Consultant



Tour Guides

Command of English


 Tokyo guide very good, Osaka guide poor and acting as a teacher with kids,

Knowledge of Subjects


 Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto/Nara = 5; Osaka = 3, Mt.Fuji=2

Ability of Explain


 Tokyo guide very good and sharing lots of information. Osaka guide poor explanations, acting as a teacher with kids and commanding us around, also strange attitude towards some people in her group. Kyoto/Nara and Hiroshima very good guides, with explanations and good attitudes. Mt.Fuji/Hakone very nice and happy guide but all she talked about was just the lunch (many times repeating).



 Everyone had a good attitude except of the unpleasant guide in Osaka (teacher style and treating us like kids)



 I give it a 2 because many times there was no time to look around properly in the sites, too short time was given to us, no time to go to the toilette and in Hiroshima we’ve dropped and lost something on one side of the big memorial park, asked the bus to just go around to pick it up, but the guide refused. It would have just costed another 5 minutes for the bus.

On the other hand we always had to wait in the morning for the tour to start, even though we were asked to be at the meeting point 10 min. earlier, the tour would start 5-10 min. later, therefore we were the ones waiting 15-20 min. So we don’t think Japanese are so punctual as it was told us.

Drivers and Cars


 No issues.




 Excellent location for most of the hotels just being outside of the shin train station. Especially useful in terms of late arrival, getting to the subway and buying food. Can recommend this for a busy trip, saved us a lot of time.



 2x we received smoking room, once in Kyoto and once in Himeji. Were told by staff there is nothing available. This should not happen if customer books non-smoking room. No one likes to sleep in smelly rooms.

Hotel in Himeji is very overrated, looks old and run down, should not be qualified as 4 star in comparison to other hotels.

Park Royal and Sheraton in Tokyo were the best hotel rooms (size, amenities, bathroom, coffee machine), Granvia Hiroshima was next in line, followed by Granvia Osaka (although breakfast finishes too early at 9 am) and Kintetsu Kyoto. The Ryokan in Hakone was nice as well, although hard to compare as we’ve never stayed in a similar one.

Sights or Activities

Worthiness of Visit



Meet Your Interests?



Too Tight of Too Loose?


 Was too tight, especially in Kyoto. In Hiroshima no proper time in the museum. Tokyo was the best in terms of enough time to walk and look around. Osaka tour was poor, concentrated on business centre and castle only. Boat tour had no clear explanation in English as the loud speaker in the boot was too silent.



 Japanese food in Fuji was cold on the table, even the fried food, Kyoto was a school canteen type with a long line of tourists and no table to sit down. Very nice food in Osaka but lunch at 11.30 is way too early! Best food was in Tokyo in terms of service, quality and location.

Public Transportation (train, flight, cruise, etc.)



Any Other Aspect



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