NLT-160327-EJ60371 [Apr 7, 2016]
Hi Emma We are now back home after our trip to Nagoya. Ms Kazuko, Ms Hashimoto and Suzuki were understanding and helpful in handling our requirements. We all enjoyed the trip even though it was short. Ms Kazuko was good in her presentation, gave us some history lessons in understanding each place and sight. The itinerary, (Takayama/Shirakawago route, in Kyoto),was changed according to the local conditions and it was good advice from all 3 of them. The transport arrangements were well organised and my brother in law was happy with the bus. It made it easy for him, as Hashimoto and Suzuki took care of him, boarding and getting off the bus. After the initial hiccup, everything went smoothly for the rest of the trip. Thank you for arranging the itinerary and for being patient with us with regards to our requirements. With Warmest Regards Sue Lye
NLT-160321-JJ65948 [Apr 6, 2016,  from America]
Hello Lily, Sorry for late answer. We had great trip to Fuji, just one think, that we where very unlucky with weather, so we could not see anything! :D Thinks happend. :D But the guide was very nice and funny, had great sens of humor. We are very greatfull that you booked dinner for us in Koyasan! We completely forgot about dinner. Thanks a lot for that. It was really nice experience and food was just delicious. We really enjoyed trip made by you. Thank you again and if we will be back in Japan, for sure we will use your company again. Regards Ania and Nils-Erik
NLT-160326-VJ67565 [Apr 3, 2016]
Hi Doris, We are now in the Phils. Thank you for arranging our itineray well. We enjoy our trip and I try the onsen hehehe at first I was hesitant, but my husband keep insisting me to try so I have no choice, so I did. During our Mt. Fuji tour the mountain is hiding with the clouds, but still the kids are enjoying the trip coz' there's a snow, they enjoyed playing with it, even for a short time only. By the way, If ever we planning to have another trip can I email you directly? Once again thank you very much!
NLT-151024-CK61030 [Apr 1, 2016,  from Canada]
Hello Cindy, Sorry for the late reply. My family and I had a great time in South Korea. The tour guide was very responsible, polite and helpful.
NLT-160321-DK68059 [Mar 28, 2016]
Aspect Mark (1 to 5) Advice or Remark Travel Consultant 5 Tour Guides Command of English 4 Knowledge of Subjects 4 Ability of Explain 4 Attitude 5 Flexibility 5 Drivers and Cars 4 Hotels Location Comfort Sights or Activities Worthiness of Visit 4 Meet Your Interests? 4 Too Tight of Too Loose? Meals 4 Public Transportation (train, flight, cruise, etc.) Any Other Aspect
NLT-160304-VJ66602 [Mar 6, 2016]
Hi Doris Our tour today was excellence. Our tour guide was superb as well but I don't remember her name. Couldn't ask more for the tour services. We still haven't decide whether we want proceed to Cat island or not. Perhaps we only take a walk around city centre. Thanks
NLT-160224-LJ67190 [Feb 29, 2016]
Hi Lillian! Please find below my comments in red regarding the tour that was arranged by Novaland for us: 1. How is our service throughout your tour from any aspects you feel? Such as our travel consultant, tour guide’s, drivers or others’ attitude; hotels, transportation, scenic spots’ arrangement; and any other words you would like to say to me. - Travel Coordinator (Lillian): * Very accommodating and patient with all my requests and changes. I want to thank you for that!:) I am very satisfied with your service. * Your response is very quick! * You give good suggestions which is very important for tourists. - Tour Guide (Sun): * Speaks very good english * Very friendly * Very accommodating * He often leaves us on our own to roam around and take pictures. He should be staying with us in case we need to take our picture as a group * He gives little information of where we are going. He sometimes reads the information from the brochure or from the signs like he did not do a research ahead of the tour. * He did not recommend any restaurants where we can have our lunch as stated in the itinerary * We asked him where we can buy takoyaki balls but he doesn't know where we can buy them after the morning market tour. He just told us to come back next year. That is not how you should answer tourists. - Driver (Song) * Does not know the way going to the Monkey Park. We actually took a wrong turn going to the park * He did not do research where to park or to drop us off. Sun has to go down and ask * He disregards traffic signs: beating red lights, swerving and stopping on pedestrian lane * Not accommodating at all. We requested if we can stop at the train station to buy our tickets for the next day but he told Sun that it is not in the itinerary and that we should buy them on the next day. Our flight was very early and we have to leave the hotel at 5:00 AM. One of us is Chinese and understands their conversation. * He does not say "thank you" when we asked him to join us for brunch. He just went out after he ate which is very rude considering he is working for a travel agency - Transportation (Van): * The van is very spacious and comfortable! - Tour Spots / Places Visited: * I was expecting that the tour of the old town was included in the Takayama Day Tour. This place is very popular in Takayama but we did not go there. 2. Where can we improve to be better and stronger? - I suggest you hire a Japanese Guide for tours in Japan. Japanese are very proud of their culture, they will practically tell the tourists everything they know about their country. They can make good suggestions on where to eat local food. 3. Any other valuable comments, travel experience and happy moments you may have. - Over all, the trip was just okay based on the price and service we had. There's always room for improvement. I hope my comments will help your company improve and become better. Again, thank you for accommodating us! Best Regards, Ria
NLT-160213-YC59776 [Feb 23, 2016]
We really had fun, everything was great we had an amazing experience as a family, the services were really great, you were exceptional despite the fact that we don't talk personally, I really appreciate your service, thank you for immediately responding to my queries/questions throughout our travel planning. You did a fantastic job in arranging our trip, from the accommodation to the tours, all the staff, the local tour guides and the drivers were really nice. I would say there will always be room for improvements But as for our tour it was perfect, just continue delivering exceptional service just as you do. Our whole family had fun and memorable experience for our first out of the country trip together, thank you for being part of it. Looking forward to more trips arranged by you, I will definitely recommend you guys for your great service. Thank you again, best regards to you Ms. Tina and the whole Novaland Tours team.
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