NLT-161207-VJ68122 [Dec 22, 2016]

1=poor, 2=fair,3=good, 4=very good5=excellent



Advice or Remark

Travel Consultant


Flexible, adjust to our interest, promptly follow up 

Tour Guides

Command of Language


 Speak well Mandarin & Cantonese

Knowledge of Subjects



Ability of Explain





 Puctuality, Responsible, Friendly




Drivers and Cars


 Execellent driving skill, clean mini van








Sights or Activities

Worthiness of Visit



Meet Your Interests?



Too Tight or Too Loose?


Not sure wht this mean. Overall the arrangement is good, not too rush and not to tire for us



 Flexible, we choose meal that we want, allow us to try different Japanese food

Public Transportation (train, flight, cruise, etc.)


Good arrangement to allow us to experience train (from Kanazawa to Kyoto) & Shinkansen

Any Other Aspect



Overall Score of the Whole Package


Thanks very much for such an excellent arrangement, we meet nice tour consultant, tour guide & driver. Specially thanks to our tour guide & driver, take good care of us during the trip, let us enjoy till max.

NLT-161216-EI74806 [Dec 19, 2016]

Hi Emma
The tour so far has been good and well arranged. Both Boss Legend and Victoria Sapa are excellent hotels as service staff are helpful and courteous. We find Hanoi crowded and polluted although the weather is pleasant. Sapa is lovely and the food is fantastic. Only drawback is the construction everywhere making it noisy and difficult to travel on foot.

Will give more comments after we complete our tour.

NLT-161215-YJ75410 [Dec 16, 2016]

Hi Joana,

Yes we really enjoyed. But, unfortunately we only went up to level 4.

Your country and the people are amazing…….6 days was to short and sure we will be back soon…..

NLT-161208-NK77388 [Dec 8, 2016]
Hi Nick,

We completed our tour today. It was very nice but we noticed at the end of the day that we were not taken to Ginseng center or Amythest center, even though it was on the itinerary.



NLT-161120-BK69724 [Dec 1, 2016,  from America]

Thank you Thank you so much for everything.

For facilitating everything to make our tour memorable and full of fun.

Till next time again

NLT-161102-ZK69288 [Nov 24, 2016,  from America]
Dear Lynee,
I was one of the ladies on the tour to Korea withWanda China.  I was very impressed with the service we got from the tourguides you used for our tours.  In Seoul we had Chul, he was veryinformative and was always prompt. He answered all of our questions.  Hetook us to have Ginseng Chicken Soup that was very tasty.  All of ourlunches was awesome.  In Jeju, we had Douglas with Yeha tours.  Thatwas a very beautiful day filled with awesome flowers, beaches, and the lunchwas just scrumptious!  In Busan we had two tour guides, Mr Lee andElena.  Mr Lee took us to traditional community on the side of themountain and we had awesome lunch.  Elena was the best guide of the wholetour.  She was very attentive and very energetic.  She was a delightto have around.  I just loved her positive attitude!!!
Overall I was very satisfied with the service,detail to everything we would need.  You are number one 1 in my book and Iwould recommend you to any of my friends and family.

Mahalo and thank you for all that you have done tomake my vacation an awesome experience!!
Jerinette Waiolama
NLT-161118-BK71751 [Nov 23, 2016,  from America]

I am not mad but greatly disappointed. I have looked forward to the JSA tour as can be detailed in the prior emails between you and I on scheduling the tour.
This is our first tour to Korea and really, not sure when we will be able to come back again.
As to the refund, I feel aside from the emotional disappointment, it is fair and we will accept such arrangement.

Here are some points:
1. Reasons that this had happened can be rooted in three areas:
    a. Lack of communication between you and Mr. Young -- when there was a change of itinerary,  did you specifically notify the tour guides involved?? Or just an email??
    b. Lack of attention to detail -- did Mr. Young carefully review the itinerary??
    c. Lack of communication between you and the customer ( i.e. us ) - I was aware of the changes when Mr. Young told me that he was going to drive us to DMZ. Even though I had discussed with him two times and he had assured me that there was no major issue, it would be more comforting if you or a manager is more readily available.
2. Mr. Young is a very personable, friendly young man and we have enjoyed his tour. He has apologized profusely on this situation and we have accepted his apology.
We were very happy with this tour except with the exclusion of the JSA tour. 

I look forward arranging future tours with you again as I have since reached retirement and do plan to travel a bit more. 

NLT-161118-VJ75108 [Nov 21, 2016]
Morning Doris,

Thank you yesterday Mt. Fuji was awesome, 
And thank you again for all the effort Novalandtour give us, we're really appreciate that.

Today we're back to Jakarta looking foward to go back to Japan ^^

Thank you very much Doris & Novaland tour

Binta Rizkina
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